elite-club-logoElite Club Ltd.
Worldwide luxury consulting has never been more easily accessible than with Elite Club, Ltd. Alina Reyzelman’s passion to travel the world and connect its diverse and exotic offerings to equally passionate individuals is Elite Club’s driving force. Offering bespoke financial and high-end lifestyle advice to high net worth individuals across the globe, Elite Club, Ltd. provides the best options in the world.
Having seen, tasted, tested, and experienced what makes countries so vibrant, Alina brings global offerings straight to clients’ doorsteps in curated and customized packages. Traveling the world and acquiring the most out of each experience is Alina’s dedication and solution to helping those seeking to do more. Through Alina’s entrepreneurship and expertise, Elite Club, Ltd. elevates experiences and connects individuals with the world through exquisite service.

Elite Club, Ltd. is a luxury lifestyle advisor offering creative solutions, innovative ideas, convenience, and discretion. Elite Club, Ltd. offers luxury lifestyle consulting helping individuals bypass the need to have various agents or companies booking travel, organizing events, or simply searching for exquisite items from around the world.

Elite Club, Ltd. offers content about the most amazing travel destinations, exclusive gifts, elite real estate and more. Weekly editorial content provides international insight into latest trends, new collections, information about most desired destinations and most exclusive gifts.

We define luxury as a blend between a dream, original ideas, pampered buying experiences and superior quality. Luxury products and services have a tradition of exquisite craftsmanship; they offer a history of tradition, magnetism, and an aura of perfection. Companies that produce luxury goods go above and beyond in pursuit of quality. Our philosophy is based on these basic principles; we want to source and seek those special and truly unique items to deliver a fantasy in reality to our clients through an online guide to luxury.

EatWellComp3Eat Well Co
Eat Well Co. is dedicated to helping individuals embrace a lifestyle change to help prevent sickness and promote self-awareness towards healthier choices. Eat Well Co. is not only about eating the right foods and making better lifestyle choices, it’s also about the diversity of cuisines, how food connects people and how it unites cultures.

Eat Well Co. unites progressive nutrition with positive well-being. While traveling the world and tasting, cooking, learning, and understanding what encompasses a healthy lifestyle, Eat Well Co. founder Alina Reyzelman became passionate about inspiring others to be creative in the kitchen. Eat Well Co. provides powerful lifestyle insights to help transform curiosity about healthy eating habits into a permanent lifestyle.

Eat Well Co. incorporates indulgent eating with recipes built on Alina’s international travels and exotic cuisines. Alina’s international journey with cuisine is the foundation to her tasteful solutions to commonplace issues such as stress, fatigue, and low energy resulting from demanding lifestyles that promote meals and junk food on the go. Alina is one of many women who have juggled success and the yo-yo weight loss that accompanies a multi-faceted lifestyle. To learn more about the connection between food and health, Alina traversed corners of the earth to distinguish how nutrients can lead to a more positive energy and attitude.

Recipes that encourage these healthy choices come from the founder’s travels around the world in search of exotic and wholesome food. Alina seeks out ingredients that give bodies nutritional benefits—through Eat Well Co., Reyzelman aims to bring the goodness of food using simple, natural ingredients into fulfilling recipes with real ingredients.

Eat Well Co. is the premier resource for proactive reviews on food producers, restaurants, and kitchen appliance brands to demonstrate best in class services and products.

causesOther Initiatives

Embrace the World helps Russian families in need, providing them with basic items and supplies. The project’s goal is to make the life of elders and children as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We support orphanages around Russia and help to raise money for children hospice programs. Our mission is to inspire acts of kindness and motivate people to support their communities.

Be Tolerant focuses on the promotion and teaching of tolerance and corporate diversity. Be Tolerant provides information and guidance about how tolerance and diversity can help our communities and our society be more supportive, understanding and become better people.

Soft Diplomacy Initiative encourages soft power diplomacy to promote one country’s interests abroad in the spiritual, cultural, and intellectual spheres. While studying political science, Alina Reyzelman became especially passionate about bringing awareness to the benefits of soft power in international politics.