Coaching - Alina Reyzelman

Advanced Self-Empowerment Program

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. Lao Tzu

The program provides a proven coaching method that captures the very best of what has been offered in the field of personal development, leadership, psychology, and spiritual practices.

Lead your Life with Love, Authenticity and Wisdom



Leverage your inner wisdom to get things done to improving every aspect of your life. Using your inner wisdom is the most important step on the way to change, to improve your knowledge, skillset, character, or mindset. Leading your life always starts with ideas and thoughts about what, how and why you want to change. This Module uses self-evaluation techniques and existential psychology to identify purpose and meaning. This approach emphasizes a person's capacity to make rational choices and to develop to their maximum potential.


Engage your Whole Being in a holistic way bringing your mind, body, soul and spirit into balance to create harmony, abundance and health. This Module works through four types of intelligences method to perfect mental, physical, emotional and spiritual alignment. The ability to align mind, body, soul and spirit is crucial for success. The way you carry yourself, communicate and make decisions is deeply connected to your inner state. When these elements are in harmony, you can project authenticity, inspire others, and make decisions that are grounded in your core values.


Activate your inner forces, the awakening and unfolding of your inner strength is in your power. This Module uses mindfulness and awareness techniques, personal effectiveness methods to boost and maintain motivation. Motivation is the driving force behind all human actions. It is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Understanding how motivation works and the factors that may impact can help you to achieve your goals.


Once you draw the best from yourself to make things happen, that is, time to deliver. Self-improvement ideas aren’t enough. You need to get clear on what you want and why – and have actionable strategies that can get you there. This Module provides best in class practices on how to grow and improve your Personal Brand, create a successful RoadMap for achievable goals.


Whether you want to boost your mood, resolve conflict in relationships, get better at time management, develop healthy personal habits, or focus on self-growth, self-empowerment is key to enhancing your quality of life. L.E.A.D. 2.0. mission is helping to find purpose and clarity in life by understanding who you really are. You are the Creator of your Life.
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Alina Reyzelman

Alina is result-driven and highly versatile professional with extensive global experience in B2B sales, product marketing, business development, and strategic relationship building, aimed at driving revenue growth. Over 20+ years Alina held senior roles in British Petroleum, Shell Global Solutions, Wood Mackenzie and Studsvik where she was Instrumental at developing high-performing teams to meet and exceed sales targets; formulating business development plans, and implementing robust initiatives for overall division success and business transformation.

Alina holds Master’s of Philosophy in Political Science (King’s College, London) and Master’s Degree in Economics (Moscow Technical University). Alina completed leadership coaching in 2018 with Steve Radcliffe Associates in the UK and Extraordinary Coaching Program in the US in 2017. She is actively engaged in charitable work and the creative arts, especially filmmaking and writing screenplays.

Coaching Solution

Our clients are established businesses and startups; profit and nonprofit organizations; individual business owners. We customize our training offerings depending on clients’ requirements and availability. We offer virtual trainings and in person workshops, we can organize corporate events, retreats and leadership seminars.



In Person Workshop – 1 Day (per a person)

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