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Hello and welcome to my world of international travel, wellness and ethnic cuisine, elegant fashion style and daily motivations!

My name is Alina Reyzelman, and my mission and goal is to empower people and show them that everything is possible. Having grown up in Eastern Siberia, in a small town in a former USSR near a beautiful countryside that one can only truly appreciate in person, I discovered a newfound respect for international cultures that both drive our economy and keep us connected. Today, I believe that anything can be achieved. The world is better known when travelled, and with communication across borders and oceans easier than ever, I can share my passions and findings with people from every part of the globe.

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What's New in Business Style

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Alert – Stop Bullying!!!! Teenage suicides spike on September 1st.


CNN reports…Nanae Munemasa was at elementary school when the bullying started. The 17-year-old student says she was beaten by boys with broom sticks, slapped in the girls’ bathroom, and even attacked during a swimming lesson. “I was the last one to get out of the pool,” she said. “A brush flew out of nowhere and […]

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150805135204-group-of-babies-780x439Its a great time to work for Microsoft if you are a parent.
Lasiognathus-dinema-new-Anglerfish-Theodore-Pietsch-Ph.D.-387x300New species of fish are still discovered!

What's New in Entertainment

welcomeAlina Reyzelman is proud to announce the launch of her YouTube lifestyle channel Alina Reyzelman TV

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