About Alina Reyzelman

alina-fi-350x248Hello and welcome to my world of international travel, wellness and ethnic cuisine, elegant fashion style and daily motivations! I am Alina Reyzelman and I am excited to welcome you to my digital platform AR Lifestyle Inc. I founded the website back in 2013 with one simple goal to curate and create educational, informative and entertaining content and fresh ideas for a well-rounded life. AR Lifestyle Inc. platform has grown and evolved over the years, however, my principles and values stayed the same. I am dedicated to produce amazing and unique content and products that could improve all aspects of people’s lives.

My Mission

My mission is to empower people and show them that everything is possible. Having grown up in the USSR near a beautiful countryside that one can only truly appreciate in person, I discovered a newfound respect for international cultures that both drive our economy and keep us connected. Today, I believe that anything can be achieved. The world is better known when travelled, and with communication across borders and oceans easier than ever, I can share my passions and findings with people from every part of the globe. Serving as the go-to source for content, advice, and connections regarding wellness and international living, AR Lifestyle Inc. offers quick and easy access to essential information and project features that offer a more comprehensive understanding of international living at its finest. From personal wellbeing to timeless fashion tips, to advice from modern working moms, my website serves as the education destination for world-wide living. My goal is to serve as a hub where individuals can learn more about global lifestyles while being part of an enriched community.

My Story

My desire to contribute to society stems from my college years studying business administration where a lesson in entrepreneurship lit a fire within. I went to study to the USA through a special exchange program when I won a contest that allowed international students to study abroad. I could never dream that I would end up across the world from a tiny town in the middle of Eastern Siberia. In an effort to share what I’ve learned from my studies abroad, I came back to Russia in 2000 and started my corporate career. Through these changes, I landed in the oil & gas industry where I came to work as an interpreter and I learned more about the industry and eventually climbed the corporate ladder to Business Development Manager. I worked in an industry dominated by men and at times, doubted my ability to achieve leadership positions. Nonetheless, I pushed forward gathering experience working for blue chip companies, international conglomerates and industry leaders. After years of commercial business experience, travelling the world, learning about cultures, and what brings people closer together, I decided to launch a series of projects that would reflect my take on life, share my research on travel and cultures, and show my passion for the world, and people.

My Motto

I want to show that contribution towards the society is important no matter what – you don’t need to be in a specific field, time or environment to make a difference to the world in this lifetime.

Join Me

Besides blogging for the past few years, I work full time as a Vice President and Head of the Office Branch for international consulting company. I am also a freelance writer and I have been a contributor to Hello magazine. To start my outreach, I launched a number of digital projects, I wrote a book about aphrodisiacs and I produce movies to help empower others to embrace cultural differences and harness the power of information. Through my own stories, I hope to help people of all ages go after what they want. Join me into the world of fascinating travel adventures, ethnic homemade foods, and gourmet cuisine, cultural experiences and philosophical observations.

Sincerely yours,

Alina’s BIO

Alina Reyzelman’s international lifestyle led her to become a lifestyle expert on international travel, healthy eating, and elegant fashion style. As a self-made business woman Alina is eager to motivate other women to unlock their potential and find a balance between professional aspirations and family. Alina’s new digital projects focus on knowledge and tools that help to create a roadmap for success, establish work and life balance, improve productivity skills, and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Reyzelman started her career working for energy companies and consulting firms holding various senior roles in business development and marketing. With 15 years of commercial business expertise, she founded Elite Club Ltd.. in 2007 and also works to promote her knowledge of healthy eating habits and wellness through her wellness project Eat Well Co. Her research on the power of aphrodisiacs led to her book, which provides a new take on nutrition and healthy eating. Alina’s new digital projects focus on how to efficiently manage time, improve productivity and
Alina Reyzelman is a resident of Moscow and London, she also spends a lot of time in the U.S. and travels extensively around the world. Alina is actively involved in charity work and admires classics and fine art as an artist herself. Alina is a Ph.D. student, a connoisseur of wines and foods, and the author of World Restaurant Guide. Alina is passionate about filmmaking.  She writes movie screenplays and produces documentary films. Alina is developing film projects that focus on social issues, cultural aspects, and inspiring stories.