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Berkeley Entertainment is a film production initiative founded by aspiring filmmaker Alina Reyzelman. Alina is a successful businesswoman and a popular international lifestyle blogger; filmmaking became her way to express artistic vision, creativity and bring attention to important topics and matters’ of the society. That’s why her projects focus on social issues across cultures, inspirational content, self-improvement and promotion of education and the importance of tolerance.

A woman and women’s challenges are the centre in Reyzelman’s films and documentaries. Alina is dedicated to empowering women to achieve their full potential and to make sure every woman is able to use her voice, make her own decisions, and engage in economic opportunities. Reyzelman’s mission as a filmmaker is to inspire women to be strong, to be bold and not to be afraid to go after what they want. Unfortunately for a very long time women have been portrayed as objects of desire in movies and other media. Women are on display for the pleasure of the male viewer. Even in the developed countries there are still issues with double standards, discrimination and harassment across all industries. In developing countries, women are still treated as second class citizens. In some places in the world women are forbidden to go to school and forced to marry off at a young age. Alina’s projects discuss challenges and problems that women face around the world. She shows a woman as a human being, not as object of desire. As an aspiring filmmaker, Reyzelman likes to develop content that is both thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.

Message from Alina Reyzelman

“The world is better known when travelled, and with communication across borders and oceans easier than ever, I can share my passions and findings with people from every part of the globe. My mission is to make people think when they watch movies. I want to encourage individuals to be kinder, braver, become hungry for learning and to feel closer to one another. I reflect my take on life through movies where I can inspire emotions, motivate people to take actions, promote tolerance and the positive effect of cultural differences.”


bring-back-our-girlsIn March 2016, Alina Reyzelman is presenting her short documentary film about kidnapped girls from Chibok, Nigeria. On April 14th, 2014 Boco Haram terrorists abducted over 200 female students. Almost 2 years later, Alina investigates why Boco Haram continues to spread violence and fear across Nigeria, and why nobody managed to rescue the girls despite the fact that #BringBackourGirls campaign was hugely successful on social media. USA deployed 80 Air Force troops and UAV drones on the request of Nigerian government. UK, France, Israel sent their military experts to perform rescue operations. However, the girls did not come back to their homes. They are still held captive by Boco Haram and used as sex slaves, cooks and house cleaners for terrorists. What can you do to help to rescue the girls?

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A Story of One Parisian Girl

parisAlina Reyzelman is releasing her new short film “A Story of One Parisian Girl” in spring, 2016. This story is about teenage girl Sophie who decided to commit suicide. Throughout a movie Sophie is reflecting on her life and she tells us a story why she decided to take her own life. The film’s mission is to highlight the problems that teens face in the modern world. Nowadays teenagers have to deal with problems such as cyberbullying, internet abuse, teen violence and other issues during the most volnarable growth stages of their lives; between 12 and 18-years-old. During this time, teens are exposed to some overwhelming struggles like hormonal changes, puberty, pressure from society and family. Alina’s goal as a writer and director of this film is to bring attention to bulling in social media, depression among teenagers, pressure to “look perfect’, and help parents to become more sensitive to children’s needs. 

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I heart #MyCity

In 2016 Alina is launching her new project  I love #MyCity. The project will consist of a few short documentary films about famous cities and places around the world. Alina says “I believe that travel promotes peace, understanding and tolerance”. We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us, so we travel to learn more about each other, cultures and traditions. Alina hopes to inspire people to head out to the unknown where they can meet new friends and explore the reaches of our planet and perhaps even its own soul. Watch a film about Los Angeles, Paris and London on Alina’s YouTube channel – Alina Reyzelman TV.

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It Girl


Alina Reyzelman is happy to introduce her first short movie IT GIRL that was released in November 2015. Reyzelman wrote, produced and directed the film. Alina worked with Unstructured Plans Production company, based in Los Angeles. Reyzelman says: “My new short film IT GIRL tells a story about a young beautiful girl who can be characterized as It Girl, the notion that has become very trendy. I wanted to explore a few themes in the film, one of them was to show who is the modern It Girl. And another one is to demonstrate a working class woman who would do anything for her family.” Reyzelman highlights that: ” I wanted to show a different side of Hollywood industry. How reality TV shows are made and what is at stake”. In the movie we also see “behind the scenes” of Hollywood and what it takes to become popular and who really runs the entertainment business. Reyzelman hopes to develop a full length movie or a TV show based on the story and characters she created. If you are interested to learn more about the project please contact

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A Girl and the City


Coming soon to iTunes, Hulu, Amazon and Netflix.

Alina Reyzelman is proud to announce the release of her first documentary film A Girl and the City in 2015. A documentary film from entrepreneur and philanthropist Alina Reyzelmanreveals the most current problems and challenges that women face in today’s society. The film takes place in Moscow, Russia, and follows the lives of three individual women from different social classes of society. Through their experiences and commentary, the documentary reveals the deep rooted issues plaguing their society, such as gender discrimination, financial support of socially unprotected members of society, and problems of both working and single mothers. 

Each woman featured in the film expresses her own fears, ambitions and capabilities that she must overcome and conquer. These characters discuss problems and issues that are relative to their situations yet still relatable to women worldwide. In parallel to the stories of these women, other successful women and businessmen analyse these issues and provide insight based on their knowledge and experience.  The film debuted in New York Chain Film Festival in August 2015. The documentary will be released to iTunes and Netflix in 2016. If you are interested in purchasing a licence, please contact

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