Advisory for Businesses

Startups hire consultants to complement areas where the team is weak. If the founding team doesn't have sales experience, it would be important to leverage a strategic advisor with a successful sales background. With 20 years experience in B2B sales and business development, Alina can help your business by offering the following services:

Sales Growth

  • Review or/and develop sales strategy
  • Review sales cycles, clients, marketing strategies
  • Challenge market analysis and data behind the strategy
  • Manage/hire/provide feedback on sales team
  • Sales and leadership coaching
  • Review and/or fix the cross functional performance
  • Review or/and develop strategic partnerships

Staff Coaching

  • Leadership and business coaching are vital to today’s most successful organizations. Leadership coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for accelerating the performance of promising executives and attaining competitive advantage through that talent.
  • Alina can help you to create the coaching culture by acting as coach, educator, mentor, guide, confidant, and challenger to those that carry the burden of executive level leadership, the c-level executives as well as their direct reports. The goal is “holistic development of the executive” through unlocking leaders’ potential to maximize their own performance and that of their organization.


  • Due to the variety and nature of services, Alina will be glad to provide pricing based on a program of choice.
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