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Next Generation Leaders


Our team has developed a proven approach that captures the very best of what has been offered in the field of leadership, strategic growth and scaling the business. This approach is called Lead Execute Grow (L.E.G.). You can use this methodology to grow next generation leaders, teams and indeed everyone in your organization.

L.E.G. is not a theoretical model, it’s a simple set of tools based on proven leadership ideas and practical advice that helps to achieve your personal, team or organizational goals.

The focus of the L.E.G. approach is leaders’ challenges, who they are as a leader now, who they want to be and what’s involved in getting there. Our coaching philosophy can grow leaders at all levels, bring teams closer together and help whole organization work together more effectively.


Leading always starts with ideas and thoughts about how you want your business to evolve and thrive. In our leadership development coaching, staff at all levels are taught the invaluable leadership skills that allow them to properly lead, inspire and guide their teams to success. L.E.G. uses proven techniques from neurolinguistics, gestalt therapy, logotherapy and spiral dynamics theory.


In order to achieve personal and business ambitions you have to engage your team so that they want to build the new future. A properly executed leadership development is an invaluable tool for driving and achieving the organization’s business strategy. No matter the industry, every organization can benefit from developing leadership skills from within their organization and prioritizing leadership in their company culture. L.E.G. will provide customized and tailored solutions for your company’s leadership implementation program.


Once you draw the best from yourself and others to make things happen, that is, growth. Good leadership drives innovation, boosts financial performance, attracts and keeps skilled employees, improves communication inside and outside the organization and supports client retention. Through proven methods such as expanding diversified knowledge, time management, mentorship and practicing big picture thinking — L.E.G. will take your business to the next level of growth.

         Our Clients

  • Established businesses and startups
  • Profit and nonprofit organizations
  • Individual business owners

      Coaching Solutions

  • 1-2 days of virtual training
  • 2-3 days in person workshops
  • Events, retreats and leaderships seminars

About Alina Reyzelman

Alina is a former corporate executive, sales and business development professional with broad experience in B2B sales, marketing, strategic growth, business operations, leadership and consulting. Alina held senior roles in British Petroleum, Shell Global Solutions, Wood Mackenzie and Studsvik. Results-oriented executive with 20+ years experience demonstrated success in startup operations and providing consulting services to Forbes 400 companies.
Alina holds Master’s Degree in Economics and Investment from Moscow Technical University and Master’s of Philosophy in political science from King’s College, London.
Alina is actively engaged in charitable work and the creative arts, especially filmmaking and writing screenplays. She is also the creator of Thrive & Go app, health & wellness activist.