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10 Days of Hands On Learning Activities for Kids

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If you are anything like me, you had this summer all planned. We were going on a road trip. I would watch my sister’s kids for one week and then she would watch mine. I’d signed all four of my kids up for the same camp that ran for a full week. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Then a certain virus hit our part of the world hard. First school was cancelled. Then all of the summer camps were cancelled.

We are still under a shelter in place order, although restrictions are loosening. But if cases spike, we will be put right back into shelter in place.

The kids miss all of our fun plans, so we decided to run a summer camp at home.

Today I’m excited to share some of the ideas I have for our at home camp, as well as more summer at home learning ideas from other bloggers.

Be sure to check out Outschool if you’re looking for online interactive learning opportunities for kids. They have something for everyone!

Day 1: Plant Biology Experiments

Simple hands on experiments designed to get children interested in learning about plants and plant biology. All experiments can be done using everyday materials found at home. Perfect for home enrichment activities, summer camps, and home school. Our 10 favorite hands on plant biology experiments, plus plant science kits and books that we recommend.

Day 2: All About Weather

Ready to use weather unit. Learn about what determines the weather, weather around the world, cloud classification, and weather phenomena. Students learn to graph and record weather, and engage in creative problem solving.

Day 3: Fun Ways to Learn Math at Home

Fun math for kids that will keep them curious and learning. Hands on math you can do at home with everyday materials you already have in your house. Learn how to teach math at home and how to encourage a love of math.

Day 4: Chemistry Experiments to Try at Home

Simple chemistry experiments that can be done with your children at home using everyday household items. This post has activities for all ages, and I also recommend a few kits for parents who want to try more advanced experiments.

Day 5: Household STEM Activities

A collection of STEM activities using commonly found household items. Easy household STEM experiments that can be done as homeschool assignments or after school enrichment.

Day 6: Screen Free Coding

Day 7: Hands on Art Activities

Art is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills and develop self expression. This post features our favorite art activities for kids, plus a great art ideas resource.

Day 8: Hands on History

Our favorites history activities for kids. Fun hands on ideas to teach children to appreciate the past. Activities for home and field trip ideas.

Day 9: Hands on Writing Activities

Learn how to make writing fun for kids with these hands on writing activities. These at home writing activities engage both reluctant writers and children who already love to write.

Day 10: Fun Ways to Learn Music at Home

Everything you need to start kids off learning music at home, even if you are not a musician yourself.