Top 7 Style Lessons by First Lady Jackie Kennedy - Alina Reyzelman

Top 7 Style Lessons by First Lady Jackie Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy is a true style icon that is legendary for her petite physique, lady like manners and sophisticated sartorial taste. Her style could be described as youthful, fresh, international and disciplined elegance. She loved strong silhouetted dresses, soft colours and simplicity of line. She influenced fashion in the way that nobody could have imagined. Her style has been copied by many designers, and women across the world wanted to learn to dress like her. She is famous for making statements in solid colors, adoring classic tailored suites, wearing oversize sunglasses and accessorizing with head scarves. Jackie will always be one of the best dressed women of all time for her poise, grace and impeccable sense for fashion. So, today, we will take a little tour through Jackie’s most famous looks, from her days as Jacqueline Bouvier, Jackie Kennedy, and Mrs. Onassis. Here are Top 7 style lessons by first lady Jackie Kennedy.