Leadership and business coaching are vital to today’s most successful organizations. Leadership coaching has emerged as a powerful tool for accelerating the performance of promising executives and attaining competitive advantage through that talent. Alina can help you to create the coaching culture by acting as coach, educator, mentor, guide, confidant, and challenger to those that carry the burden of executive level leadership, the c-level executives as well as their direct reports. The goal is “holistic development of the executive” through unlocking leaders’ potential to maximize their own performance and that of their organization.

Coaching Objective:

  • To move an individual beyond personal or professional obstacles and develop new interpersonal leader and manager skills.


  • One-on-one in-person or phone-based coaching sessions.
  • Group sessions for 10-12 people for 3-10 days programs.
  • Retreats or off sites for brainstorming exercises.


  • Clarify specific areas for development, establish agreements and commitments.
  • Identify internal stakeholder team.
  • Administer Behavioral Style Reports.
  • Receive 360 results and behavioral reports with coach's analysis and debrief.
  • Address and discuss roadblocks to growth and change.
  • Create strategic action steps for personal and professional development.
  • Auditing Team meetings, shadowing in the workplace.
  • Execute plans to assess progress on achieving desired results.
  • Quarterly check-ins with supervising manager for progress and feedback.
  • Provide post-program 360 Feedback report.
  • Conclude coaching engagement with a summary of program findings for coachee and their manager.
  • Coaching Focal Points include but are not limited to: strategic thinking, building a strong executive team, relationship-building, envisioning and executing, ability to create team vision and execute.
  • Skills, Management proficiency, Managing Business Challenges, short or long term Career Development.


  • Due to the variety and nature of coaching sessions, Alina will be glad to provide pricing based on a program of choice.
  • Contact Alina at ar@arliglobal.com