How to Improve Handwriting for Kids?

When a child starts to grow up, the most important thing at the back of each mom’s mind is about education and she starts making him learn some basic alphabets. Even when the child is of school going age, moms who have the time start giving a pencil in his hand to enable him to write or rather draw something. Making the child learn about writing and the learning process of how to write are two important things which need to be coordinated. This is an important function. Once the child is able to write, then come the task of improving handwriting.

Writing is an important task which the child should learn. To enable the child to write better, mothers should ensure that the child should feel that writing is an exciting and enjoyable activity. This is how he will be able to achieve success in better and improved hand writing.

Improvement of hand writing skills involves lot of practice. The mother needs to be very patient to enable the child to improve. Repeated practice will help a lot in this regard. It will be better if the child continues to repeat a page till improvement is made. Once done, he should move forward. Practice sheets are available in book stores and you should get them for the child. These are useful for parents and teachers and enable them to create their own letters and words in a fun manner.

After completing the writing work, the child should be asked to read whatever he has written and also from where he copied it. This way he will be able to understand and locate the mistakes made by him. Once done let the child rewrite that portion, you will notice a marked improvement this time.

Never lose patience while teaching your child how to write. To begin with he is bound to make mistakes and make odd shapes of the words and figures he is made to write. Perfection will come with practice. Always keep in mind, that though grown up, when you start to learn a new thing you make mistakes. The child should be made to sit in a comfortable position before the writing process starts.

Before the child starts to write, he should be properly explained about the directions of movement of hand. It will be better if you keep a separate paper to demonstrate to the child about writing methods. Do not write in between where the child is writing. If it is necessary to write on the same page, just write first line of the page. Do not hold lengthy sessions, limit each session to a few words, figures or pages. Let the child relax and play before starting the next lesson.

Development of visual motor skill or ability of the child to develop skill to copy shapes is the most important starting point. This means using vision to guide the writing process. This starts with drawing a line or making two ends meet or connecting two objects. This will help at an advanced stage at the age when the child has to develop skill of copying cursive letters. The child should have visual perception of making alphabets or numbers. He should be able to distinguish between ‘b and p’ and so on.

First writing correct words and them improving upon the writing skill is a long process. Here the old saying that practice makes a man perfect will fully apply. The practice should be complemented with a reward to enable the child to improve upon the previous work. Once the improvement process starts, the child will do the work happily and your efforts will continue to reduce.

How to Improve Handwriting for Kids?