How Sports Brings the World Together

He also believed that sports are not ideal for family relationships. I disagree with his point. In doing this I am going to argue against his believe by making clear reference to Sport as a unifier.
There are many positive things which sports bring to the world. But my main focus is how sport can bring different people together. Looking back at Joe’s words he only focuses on the negative which sports brings out of people. All the descriptions he mentions is only a hand full of people. People are there to enjoy themselves and support the team they love. What Joe is describing is the hooligans not the supporters. These people bring out the negative image of what supporters are like. “Sport is a universal language that brings people together, no matter what their origin, background, religious beliefs race or economic status.” As shown in image one, sport brings all kinds of people together.
Mandela saw sport as a way to brings South Africans. He knew that people will not automatically change once he was elected president. He knew that it would take time and he believed that through sport the healing will go faster. No one predicted South Africa would make the finals, let alone win the crown jewel of rugby in 1995 a year after Nelson Mandela was elected president.