Legoland Fun

Legoland has officially launched in Dubai, so we sent our mini reviewers round the six zones – Factory, Miniland, Lego City, Kingdoms, Imagination and Adventure – ahead of its opening.

The Big Shop
As you arrive, you walk under the giant Legoland sign and through to Factory, the first of six themed zones in the theme park. Here is where you’ll find The Big Shop, which stocks the largest selection of Lego bricks in the Middle East!

Lego characters, various areas
Different Lego characters roam each of the six zones and pose for selfies with the children. “The kids could identify with the Lego they have at home, which they were really excited about,” says Carolyne Allmark, Nina and Darcy’s mum and Time Out Kids staff writer.

The Lego Factory 
Watch how a real-life Lego brick gets made, from start to finish, and even get your very own custom-made brick to take home.

It took two years to create this tiny city of famous landmarks made of Lego. “We felt like giants walking around the mini versions of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Metro, which are made from millions of shiny Lego bricks!” says nine-year-old Nina.. “They’ve even made the Burj Al Arab, with the little helipad on the side.”

Build A City at Miniland
“I loved trying to copy the big buildings with the bricks at the build station,” says six-year-old Darcy. “I need to go back to finish mine!” (In fact, it was pretty hard to tear her away in the first place!)

4D cinema experience
The Lego Movie 4D The New Adventure is exclusively shown at Legolands worldwide and now right here in the UAE. The 12-and-a-half-minute show combines 3D computer animation with real-world effects such as wind, water and fog and it’s set after the events of the hit blockbuster movie. It runs throughout the day in the Imagination zone.

Wave racers
Dodge the water blasts on Wave Racers in the Adventure zone. Here, you can also launch 15 feet upwards on Beetle Bounce and head to an ancient temple to recover stolen treasure in Pharaoh’s Revenge. The whole family can join the Lego divers for a underwater submarine adventure, too!

This medieval-themed zone is home to The Dragon roller coaster and the smaller Dragon’s Apprentice ride (for littler people not yet big enough for the scarier ride). There are also loads of fun stalls, where you can play games and hopefully win giant cuddly toys. “It was really fun to try and win the massive fluffy bears.” says Nina. “They had the biggest, softest tigers, too.”

Lego City Airport
In the Lego City themed zone kids get the chance to fly planes at the airport, as well as join the crew on-board in the Seaport. They can even battle “burning buildings” at the Fire Station (with the help of Mum and Dad). “You feel like a real pilot moving your aeroplane up and down,” says Darcy. “Mine was definitely the fastest.”

The Dragon coaster
At 16 metres high, this ride in Kingdoms zone reaches speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour and weaves through the Legoland Castle. “Oh, wow, the Dragon ride is so cool!” says Darcy. “We got to wave at Merlin made of Lego with the longest beard!”

Technic Twister 
Similar to the classic tea cup ride, the Technic Twister in Imagination spins round and round, inviting squeals from our excited reviewers. “I held on really tight when we went faster and faster and closed my eyes a bit,” says Darcy. “It was good!”

The Café 
Grab a bite to eat back near the entrance in Factory, although there are more restaurants dotted throughout the park (including the delicious-sounding Granny’s Apple Fries in Kingdoms). It’s nearby The Big Shop and also where you can pick up your family photos that have been taken as you wander around the theme park all day.

The Driving School in Lego City
“You can get your Lego driving licence,” says Nina about the Driving School, where kids can ride around in electric Lego cars and actually get a “licence”. “It’s brilliant! It feels like you’re driving on actual streets like where you live. I enjoyed this the most.”

Legoland Water Park
The water park, a whole separate theme park, opens on Tuesday November 15. It has more than 15 water slides, including a family raft, body and tube slides. There’s also the Lego Wave Pool, Duplo toddler play area (with specially-designed slides just for the smaller kids) and an area where you can build your own custom raft.

Master Builder Academy in Imagination
A giant Lego Einstein haed can be seen in front of the Master Builder Academy. Here, kids can become mini engineers and learn new techniques with hands-on tuition from the professionals. They can even build their own model.