The 5 Handbag Trends That’ll Be Everywhere in 2017

Think back to late 2013: It was a time when off-the-shoulder everything was still just a glimmer in our collective eye and Mansur Gavriel bucket bags ruled the scene. They weren’t yet ubiquitous, but everyone wanted one—and over the next 12 months, almost any brand that was worth its salt came out with a similar drawstring style.

These days, there isn’t a singular It Bag—Instead, in-demand silhouettes have taken its place, and we couldn’t be happier: The lack of a single must-have accessory—which is usually north of four figures—means anyone can get in on the top trends no matter your budget.

In fact, there are a few handbag trends that bloggers, influencers, and editors alike will keep coming back to this year. And sure, we’d never suggest you should buy something just because a bunch of bloggers wear them, but there’s a reason these handbag silhouettes are all over the place: they’re chic AF. Ahead, see the top five handbag trends for 2017, plus shop each one —no matter your budget.