Women’s Watch Trends 2017

Ladies watch trends in 2017 are all about minimalist designs, sporty elegance, smart capabilities, leather straps, luxurious gold tones, timeless whites and blue shades. Enduring trends in timepieces such as big watches, rose gold and ceramic watches are still in style in 2017.

#1: Minimalist Watches

Pared-back minimalist watches that exude effortless style and an understated luxury and possess a timeless elegance and sophistication reign right now.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and less is more. A simple minimalist watch will go with everything, bring the best out of your look, and will catch the eye in all its simplicity.

Add Dutch-cool style to your looks with timepieces like Daniel Wellington, The Horse, Cluse, Larsson & Jennings, Skagen and more.

#2: Sporty Elegance

Sports luxe watches for women with an athletic aesthetic and luxurious elegance are a hot trend right now in line with one of the hottest fashion trend of the moment – athleisure.

Chic and dressy yet bold and sporty, they’re perfect for laid-back agendas – sunny Saturday afternoons leisurely shopping trips, late brunches, and coffee breaks.

They have cool style with rubber and silicone bands, large sizes, sporty features like water resistance and stopwatch capabilities, and luxurious features such as gold tones and sparkly crystal adornments.

Top brands for sporty elegant watches include Invicta, Technomarine, Mulco, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Casio, Michael Kors, Guess among others.

#3: Luxurious Gold Tones

Gold is classic, versatile and a top favorite tone when it comes to watches. Always stylish and fashionable, yellow gold timepieces are some of the most popular in 2017.

Nothing makes a statement quite like yellow gold watches! A gold timepiece is a striking piece of jewelry and fashion accessory. The flashy finish guarantees that the watch will be noticed.

Yes, rose gold watches are still in style in 2017! The rose gold trend has actually lasted longer than you can imagine. Rose gold first became fashionable at the beginning of the 19th century.

This rosy tone looks good on all kinds of skin tones and pairs well with other jewelry pieces. A perfect alternative for those who don’t like the flashness of yellow gold.

Choose a rose gold tone metal bracelet or mesh watch or white leather, silicone and rubber straps with a rose gold case and bejeweled bezel to make the everyday glamorous or add extra sparkle to a special occasion.

#4: Leather Watches

Leather watches are hot and there are lots of styles and colors to try. Leather straps in neutral browns, blacks, blues, pinks, and whites. Smooth, textured, to embossed.

Double leather wrap watch bands in neutral as well as vibrant colors are a top strap style right now. A double strap gives a watch a fashionable and sophisticated edge.

Glamorous leather watches with be-jeweled bezels.

#5: Timeless Whites and Sparkle

Leather, rubber and silicone straps in timeless whites attached to yellow gold and rose gold cases and bejeweled bezels. The result: stunning and attention-grabbing timepieces to grace the wrist and add sparkle to outfits.