The Most Unforgettable Met Gala Looks Through The Years

There is no event on earth that attracts the kind of fashion and fan fare that the Met Gala does.

Over the years, the revered stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art have been graced by one too many costumes – the good, the bleh and the unforgettable.

Ahead of this year’s edition which takes place tomorrow, we’re looking back at the most unforgettable looks to ever make it to the Met Gala.


This was in 1985 but she could still wear this absolutely gorgeous dress tomorrow and still make it to every best dressed list on the planet.

Donatella Versace 

A year before Jennifer Lopez inducted this dress into the red carpet hall of fame, designer Donatella Versace stole the show with it at the Met Gala.

Hillary Clinton

The best president America never had, Hilary’s look to the 2000 Met Gala is just one on the long list of things she’ll always be remembered by.

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP is the queen of Met Gala. If this tartan prints dress by Alexander McQueen she wore in 2006 doesn’t convince you, her other looks below should.

In Oscar de la Renta at the 2014 Met.


In 2011, Iman graced the Met Gala looking like she was dipped in gold. The gold Stella McCartney jumpsuit she wore perfectly blended into her golden skin and complimented her equally golden hair!


We won’t be forgetting Beyonce’s Ombre feathered Givenchy number to the 2012 Gala in a hurry.

And neither will we be forgetting her in all her sheer glory at the 2015 gala wearing a risqué number by her favourite Met Gala designer, Givenchy.


Who can forget this Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo and bow tie Ri wore in 2009?