The image of ideal business woman in the Prada new collection spring/summer 2017

No matter how strong modern woman might be, she is still romantic at heart and dreams of poetic love. Collection Prada spring-summer 2017 was devoted to romance and celebration of feminine look.

The collection presented in Milan was developed together with director David O. Russell. David made his contribution and presented his short film at the show. The title of the film “Past Forward” means movement in both directions of time. It presents surreal display of quickly changing scenes in black and white. The official opening night will take place in Los Angeles in November and then will be available on

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As for the collection, Prada tried to convey the atmosphere of the film. The images were strictly elegant and rather modest. This is the classics of the brand. There were no extravagant makeup or heavy gold jewelry. Instead, one could see shorts of business uniforms, self-colored waistcoats, mid-length skirts, a variety of blazers and jackets.

“I did not want to complicate anything. I tried to find elegance of the last century and adapt it to the current circumstances. My clothes must convey the personality of each woman; women should feel comfortable and modern”, – said Miuccia Prada in the backstage interview.

Romance was felt in such details as feather-trimmed tops, skirts and sleeves of the classic coats. One could see glass palette embroidery, forming casual floral pattern on the evening sets. Prada also unveiled flying, half-transparent fabrics in combination with dresses and skirts.

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The collection highlighted love of Ms. Prada to the era of Art Deco. Retrospective, geometric print, high waist, A-line midi-dresses, and the designer’s passion for mini-shorts.
Shirts and turtlenecks are an integral part of the wardrobe of every woman entrepreneur. These items were present in almost every look at the fashion show in Milan. The designer is attracted to the combination of shirts and turtlenecks with other clothing items: with short tops dressed on blouses with geometric print, buttoned at the throat, with cardigans, jackets and dresses.
As for the shoes, Prada chose flip flops, liked by fashionistas since Adidas released their sports version, and Gigi Hadid showed how to wear them in everyday life. Prada went further and suggested wearing flip flops with business suits and trousers. High-heeled shoes had not entered the collection, but there were sandals with feather details, pointed-toe flats and high platform summer sandals.

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