How to teach your child good manners?

What are good manners? Many adults don`t realize how to behave in society as to be well-mannered and cultured, how to talk and discuss. So, how to start teaching good manners to your child? We are going to open all the secrets below.

What is manner?

Manner – is the way to behave in society, a form of communication with the people, as well as facial expressions and gait. Yes, yes, even mimic facial changes, all related to manners. Everyone knows that in a public place it isn’t allowed to talk loudly, it is necessary to give senior and not neglect other people’s interests. All manner are regulated by etiquette, which implies a respectful treatment of all people!

Now about education. First of all, the parents need to know the rules of behavior in society, as a child is a small copy of Mom and Dad. In unconscious age child repeats all of the elders. Learn to respect other people, your freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. Then proceed to the training of the child good manners as follows:

  1. Teach your child that adults can not be interrupted.

At the end of your speech, refer to the child. So he understands that adults appreciate it and have the attention and respect.

  1. Use beautiful dishes and cutlery

Etiquette requires the correct behavior at the table. You do not need to lay out the whole set of front, it is important that the child imitate you. Put the plug on the left side, spoon and knife – on the right. Do not forget the napkins and small glasses.

  1. Tell your child how he should sit at the table

Basic manners – not slurp, use a napkin and do not put your elbows on the table. It is proved that it is the last paragraph of the most difficult given to children.

  1. Thank you – the main praise

Teach your child to give thanks for the meal, a toy or gift. Speak for yourself «thanks» to the child every time he gives something to you.

  1. Please – an indispensable attribute of speech

Please ask your child to bring a book or toy, while saying the word “please.” Hug, kiss him, so the kid will remember the information better.

  1. Teach your child to hold the door for senior

Let your child is still small, he should be hard to hold the door. Set an example by passing the senior forward and slamming the door before the nose of others.

  1. Do not yell at a child, talk clearly and calm tone.
  2. Turn one day a week in a holiday!

Make the girls wear dresses, boys shirts and nice pants. So from an early age the kids learn to be stylish in the future to dress neatly.

That ways you train your child to good manners. Start with yourself and your baby will repeat everything and bring it to life!