Several tips that can help to find your child’s talents

It is so easy to label the kid with the words that may mean “smart” or “dumb”, and this is often done when the child is little – just at the age when talents can be discovered. However, after the kid is labeled, nobody is looking for a talent in a child. The children are evaluated by their abilities to do well in school, but the ability to give correct answers does not refer to talent. This notion is more complicated and should be analyzed differently.

The author of bestseller Daniel Coyle decided to study the talented children and determined three things that make a genius. It is not something that sits inside you since birth but something that is taken out from you by your parent: right methods of practicing, coaching and motivation create the kid. The author is sure that greatness is grown, not born. There is no such thing in person’s DNA. Children need to have powerful pattern to become great, and the parents’ parent is to unlock the neuropsychology of learning.

It is very important how children can cope with failures, how parents praise them or, on the contrary, criticize. All this plays its role in the future and determines it. Parent should create the hotbed to contribute to the atmosphere, which unlocks the talents of your child.

Child should have a clear idea of what he wants to become. This should be a part of his personality.

First of all, the parent should watch for the moments of ignition. The person needs strong motivation, which will be a fuel for the one. As Coyle points out, the trigger is necessary, which works perfectly when the identity of the kid is twined together with a goal he wants to achieve. Then the kid becomes more teachable and perceives the information 400% faster. This is incredible acceleration! The success of the study is not explained by the abilities to study but stronger motivation, which appears when the idea is clearly formed in the mind of the child and he or she becomes more purposeful. The kid may think, for instance: “I want to be like this musician/sportsman/scientist etc.”

Mistakes should be perceived as fuel for growth

The attitude to mistake is a crucial factor that determines the result. When the child operates on the edge of his abilities, mistakes are inevitable. He should perceive them as material to study. Mistakes should be corrected if you want to improve your skills. The mistake is not the verdict. Children should learn to take them as fuel for growth and not something terrible that destroys your future. On the contrary, mistakes create it but only in case you are able to correct them and go further. Only with such attitude the person can be a genius.

What parents praise is important – it determines the manner your child chooses to succeed

It is important what you value most and praise when you assess the behavior of your child. When you praise your kid for success only, he will try to achieve it at all costs and will fear mistakes. However, this is a wrong way to act as the child takes fewer risks. Therefore, parents should praise their kids for efforts they make. Even if they make mistakes, they get practice and learn, and this becomes more effective approach.

Expose the child to multiple activities to discover the talent

Provide different possibilities for your kid to see what is preferred. Even when the child sets unrealistic goals you should not be in the way of his/her decision. Let your children do what they want and encourage them in their passions.

Parents should not be too active. Child should take the lead in the process

It is important to form the motivation within a kid. The activity should not be urged by a parent. What is expected from the parent is to be attentive and discover the talents of the child and when the kid starts acting, praise for effort he applies. Even if you praise the kid in advance, this may work well. The kid is happy and applies more effort not to lose the status of smart person. If you treat the child as if he can do it, he will do it. Doing so, you direct your kid’s energy wisely. As a result, he can do something really powerful and impressive and you should provide conditions for it. The child’s interest can evolve into passion – the basis for the talent.

Talent is built with wise approach of parents. Your kid should not be embarrassed over mistakes, which are a part of the process on the road to success.