Best clothes brands for kids

Don’t you go crazy how much (and how often!) you need to buy clothes for your kids? They grow up so fast and sometimes a pair of jeans may fit only for a few months. So, I say, buy clothes that is reasonably priced, good quality (so you can keep it for a sibling or can give away to friend or donate to charity), and that also has  a nice shape, cut and design. You don’t want your kid to look awkward or underdressed. Here are a few tips on how to do “smart” shopping for your little ones.

  1. Make sure that you are buying the best fabric. You don’t want your child to feel uncomfortable in polyester. Of course, organic materials are the best. Check the stitching and make sure this item will not fall apart after too much washing.
  2. Zippers are easier, faster and more practical then buttons.
  3. Buy clothes that will last for some time. I always get a size bigger.
  4. Try to choose colours that are unisex, in case you have a boy and a girl they can both share clothes.
  5. Do shopping with your children, they love picking their own outfits. I started taking my girl with me when she turned 18 months and she enjoyed shopping as much as I did.

I have tried a few international brands that I have tested on my children and today I can recommend it to you.