A Story of One Parisian Girl

Alina Reyzelman is proud to release her new short film “A Story of One Parisian Girl” – view it at the link below. This story is about teenage girl Sophie who decided to commit suicide. Throughout a movie Sophie is reflecting on her life and she tells us a story why she decided to take her own life. The film’s mission is to highlight the problems that teens face in the modern world. Nowadays teenagers have to deal with problems such as cyberbullying, internet abuse, teen violence and other issues during the most vulnerable growth stages of their lives; between 12 and 18-years-old. During this time, teens are exposed to some overwhelming struggles like hormonal changes, puberty, pressure from society and family. Alina’s goal as a writer and director of this film is to bring attention to bulling in social media, depression among teenagers, pressure to “look perfect’, and help parents to become more sensitive to children’s needs.

Watch the film… 

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