Taylor Swift – Elegant Country style

Taylor Swift is without any doubt the biggest star in pop/country music landscape. Born and raised in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, she moved to Nashville at age of 14 to pursue her career in country music. Her hard work, dedication and talent – all paid off.


Taylor is one of the best selling artists of all time, she sold over 40 million albums. Today, she is the winner of 7 Grammy Awards, 1 Emmy Award, she has 11 Country Music Association Awards, 8 Academy of Country Music Awards and one Brit Award. No wonder, that this young lady is a perfect role model for her generation. She has been on the list of most powerful women in show business and is influential persona in the digital world. With over 50 million followers on Instagram, she shares with audience her music, career achievements, lifestyle and her take on fashion.

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I absolutely adore Taylor’s style. She has a perfect blend of girly country look and feminine signature style. Today, she likes crop tops, skinny jeans, high-waisted skirts, structured Prada totes. The famous music star also wears flower prints, high heels and a loose t-shirt with a matching mini. Once in a while Taylor will experience with leather jackets and graphic prints. What I like about Taylor’s style, she is always classy (even in a mini skirt or tight shorts).  She knows she is inspiring millions of girls, people are looking up to her. She has beautiful long legs and she is not afraid to show it off. But she shows off just enough, she is never vulgar or overdressed. She had the balance, the taste, the perfect sense of style.


Best Development Toy – Blocks!

According to parents.com website “Blocks are the educational equivalent of a multivitamin”. Read the full article…

Children playing with blocks aren’t just honing their gross and fine motor skills, they’re learning everything from fundamental math concepts to problem solving. One study even showed that preschoolers who were adept at playing with blocks had higher math grades and test scores when they got to middle school than those who were not. As Sharon MacDonald, a trainer of early-childhood teachers and author of Block Play (Gryphon House), explains, “When your child works with blocks, he develops an understanding of fractions, shapes, and counting.” Of course, it’s not as if your 2-year-old is mastering halves and quarters. Math lessons unfold in different stages for different ages.

Three Stages of Block Play

The first phase of block play is what MacDonald terms “tote and carry.” Your 2-year-old is doing little or no building, but she can pile, haul, and drop — and in the process learn about weight, stability, and balance. Of course a toddler’s favourite lesson will probably be the noisiest and messiest: gravity. To the outrage of many an older sibling, toddlers learn quickly that what goes up must come down — and that knocking down blocks brings an exciting reward. “Children like order and structure, but at a young age they love to create chaos even more,” says MacDonald. “Just by stacking one block on top of another, they learn that unstable things fall down, while stable things don’t.”

By the time your child is 3, she’ll enter the next phase of block play: “stack and row.” Now she can stack the blocks vertically or lay them down and configure them horizontally. She’s not building with a specific purpose yet, but she is beginning to try her hand at patterns. The first patterns are usually identical blocks placed on the floor one after another until she adds a twist, such as putting a square after a rectangle, and another square after the next rectangle, and so on. “Math is the study of patterns,” says MacDonald, “and encouraging block-patterning lays the foundation for math skills.” Here’s where fractions come into play. When she puts down two blocks side by side, she can see that, together, they form the same size and shape as one larger block.

In the next stage, “bridging,” your preschooler begins to make her own simple structures. She may put two blocks down, then place a third block over the space between them. In addition to learning how to balance, she is beginning to experiment with symmetry. Bridging leads to “enclosures.” You can’t build without being able to organize and enclose space. How am I going to fill that space? is a complicated question, requiring that your child figure out how many big and small blocks are needed to get the job done. Not only is your child planning ahead, but she is problem solving.

Breathtakingly – Mongolia

In recent CNN special, learn more about Mongolia. It is wild in every sense of the word. While technology has made its way into the society — it’s not unusual to see herders chatting on smartphones while tending to their animals — the vast countryside remains seemingly untouched since the days of Genghis Khan.

Part of the reason is its size. With an area of approximately 1.6 million square kilometers, Mongolia is about four times as big as California and more than six times bigger than the entire United Kingdom. Getting from one province to another involves days of driving over some of the roughest terrain on the planet, often across vast stretches of empty space. Sometimes the only company for miles is the herds of horses, yaks and sheep found grazing on the plains. Other times its the vultures seen circling above. While the landlocked country is mostly covered by steppes, you also get to see marvels such as lakes, canyons, sand dunes and cliffs along the way.

Mongolia’s weather conditions are just as varied. From the near arctic weather in the northwest where reindeer still run wild to the green larch forest in the northeast to the bone-dry conditions of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia has got every climate covered. Sometimes, all four seasons can be experienced in one day.

With more than one third of its three million inhabitants living as nomads, Mongolia is one of the few countries where visitors can still experience a genuine nomadic lifestyle. Family stays offer a glimpse on what it’s like to live an itinerant lifestyle and a chance to experience the famous Mongolian hospitality.

“You can simply turn up unannounced and the Mongolian household will gladly offer you food, a bed and even tend to your horse,” says Timur Yadamsuren, local guide and country manager for Intrepid Travel in Mongolia. In fact, they don’t believe in locking their gers — the felt homes they dwell in.  They simply leave its door open to allow access to any passersby in need food or a rest.

Lucky visitors may be invited to a private shamanic ceremony in which a traditional healer is said to travel to an alternate reality to communicate with spirits and other beings. Many Mongolians still observe such ancient beliefs to this day and often approach a shaman to receive blessings, cures or hints about their future.

Mongolia’s also the place where American adventurer Roy Chapman Andrews discovered unhatched dinosaur eggs among other significant finds in the 1920s. The epicenter of this discovery is South Gobi’s Flaming Cliffs — considered one of the world’s greatest dinosaur fossil sites. In other parts of the world, such a location might’ve been kept off-limits to the public. Not in Mongolia.


Spring/Summer inspirations 2016

The biggest fashion trends of 2016 are lace, underwear as outwear and apparently 80’s is back. Which looks will make the biggest impact on your wardrobes this summer? Check out my Top 10 looks from runways and designers’ look books, you will see dresses, bold prints, mini, chunky shoulders, and funky shoes. I have collected best and coolest outfits from the leading fashion houses. Enjoy!




escada spring 2016 03



Breastfeeding motivations

Looking for information about breastfeeding? You are on the right page. I have collected a few articles that you’ll help you to learn more about benefits of nursing and how to do it right and painless. Are you expecting a baby and not sure if you want to breastfeed? Of perhaps you already have a child but not a big fan of breastfeeding?

According to the artcile from bump.com “Breast milk is one of the greatest gifts you can give your baby. It’s brimming with nutrients and antibodies that boost your newborn’s immunity, aid digestion and promote brain development. An added bonus: Breastfeeding burns calories like crazy, helping you lose those pregnancy pounds faster. And it reduces your lifetime risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer and postmenopausal osteoporosis”.

Many women around the world have challenges with breastfeeding. By the way, I have had some troubles as well! “Marathon feeding sessions, engorged breasts and sore nipples are some of the challenges you might face as a nursing mom, especially in the beginning. Fortunately, the vast majority of problems can be overcome with information and practice, says Sue Tiller, R.N., an international board-certified lactation consultant in Centreville, Va., and author of Breastfeeding 101: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Nursing Your Baby (TLC Publishing). The first week is particularly crucial, Tiller adds—that’s when you and your baby learn the ropes and your milk supply is established. Immediately after giving birth, you may be dying to devour a pizza or call loved ones with your news. But that’s when newborns tend to be the most alert and responsive, making it the ideal time to introduce your baby to the breast, Tiller says. After a vaginal delivery, as long as there are no complications, try to nurse right away. If you’ve had a Cesarean section, you may have to wait until surgery is complete—but try to breastfeed within the first hour”.

And here are somore tips from bump.com!

Make Sure You’re Comfy
Once your baby is latched onto your breast and nursing contentedly, you won’t want to interrupt her because your back hurts or your arm is tired. So take a minute to settle into a comfortable, relaxed position before starting to breastfeed, advises Terriann Shell, an international board-certified lactation consultant in Big Lake, Alaska. Lay a firm pillow across your lap so your baby is level with your breast, and prop up your elbows on the chair arms or pillows. If you’re sitting in a chair, place your feet on a small stool to bring your baby closer and help prevent back and arm strain.

Learn The Correct Latch

A good latch is essential for your milk to flow properly and to keep your little piranha from making fish food of your nipples. Before you put her to the breast, make sure your baby is on her side so you and she are belly to belly, Shell advises. When she does latch on, her mouth should be opened wide, like a yawn, and take in a good portion of your areola.


Let Your Baby Graze 

Frequent and effective nursing is key to boosting your milk supply and ensuring that your newborn gets enough to eat. You should aim for at least eight to 12 feedings daily—about every two to three hours—for the first few weeks, says Jane Morton, M.D., director of the breastfeeding medicine program at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. At first, each nursing session could last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes; as your milk production increases and your baby gets better at suckling, it shouldn’t take as long. The number of feedings will also decrease. In the first weeks, when your baby is more sleepy than hungry, you may have to initiate many of these feedings—even if it means waking her in the wee hours. If she falls asleep within minutes of latching on, you can try rousing her by changing her diaper or undressing her. But if she seems to be gaining weight appropriately, you don’t need to.

Hold Off On Bottles

While you may love the idea of pumping some extra milk and letting your partner take over one of those middle-of-the-night feedings, hold off on introducing a bottle (or a pacifier, for that matter) for a month or so, until breastfeeding is well established, Morton advises. Since it’s easier to extract milk from an artificial nipple, giving a bottle too early could cause your baby to reject the breast in favor of the bottle’s faster flow. But don’t make the mistake of waiting too long, either. “Babies tend to be open-minded at about 4 weeks of age,” Morton says. “If you wait much longer, you may have trouble getting her to take a bottle.”
Breast Buddies

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to successfully breastfeed your baby, but you may find it easier or more comfortable with these helpful products, recommended by certified lactation consultant Corky Harvey, R.N., co-founder of The Pump Station, a breastfeeding resource center in Santa Monica and Hollywood, Calif. Nursing pillow is specially designed pillows can help you position your baby correctly and stay comfy! A good nursing bra eliminates the need to undress every time you breastfeed and provides crucial support. For sore, cracked nipples, nothing’s better than Soothies glycerin gel pads.

The Bizarre Sex Lives of Ocean Creatures

National Geograthic jornaist Liz Langley speaking about new book…. Romance! Danger! Hope! And the wildest sex even you can imagine.

In her new book Sex in the Sea, coral reef ecologist Marah J. Hardt dishes on the swinging sex lives of sea creatures, the perils they face from pollution to overfishing, and new hope for keeping the ocean healthy and its residents randy.

For Valentine’s Day Hardt talked to National Geographic about gigantic sperm, courtly lobsters, and why sexually satisfied sea life is good for everyone.

What made you decide this would be a great book to write?

I was at a party when [a woman] said, “I just wish I could be in the body of a guy and know what’s going in their heads!” I said, “Yes, if only we could be parrotfish.” The conversation stopped. I said, “They start as females and when they get to a certain stature they become male, so one fish knows what it’s like for both sexes.”

Everybody had wide eyes, so I thought, let’s see how far I can take this. I said, “Imagine you’re fishing on a reef and you are catching all the biggest fish. You’re taking out all the males… this adds a totally different level of complexity to management.”

Later I overheard someone from the conversation telling another guest at the party, “Did you know fish change sex?“ I thought that’s it! The ocean has the most bizarre sex stories! If we talk about sex and make it funny we can weave in these conservation messages, because ultimately successful sex is the heart of sustainability—it drives the abundance we all depend upon in the ocean, whether it’s for food or reefs that protect our coastline or novel medicines.

If we want a healthy ocean we have to make sure it’s safe for sex (see photos of corals).

For Valentine’s Day, which marine creatures could give pointers in being romantic?

Lobsters! Their romance comes after some pretty kinky foreplay, including the “love potion” of mutual urine showering, followed by cohabitation. A female does this really cool thing…she lifts her big claw up and taps the male, first on one side then the other like she’s knighting him. The message is “Stay with me baby, we’re about to have some action!”

She then molts, leaving her soft-bodied and very vulnerable. But the male is a tender lover. He gently picks her up in his legs, cradles her, and rolls her onto her back … and then in the missionary position they get busy.

What marine animal has it the toughest in the dating world?

Male sperm whales literally cover the entire pacific ocean looking for a mate, using sound to navigate and likely, sending out signals that help show off their size. Unfortunately they’re often competing with sonar testing, oil and gas exploration, and ship traffic. Human activities have made if more difficult for them to find each other through all that noise.

In blue whales, they have been documented as singing lower on the register in recent decades. Overfishing had wiped out the population by 95 percent. Researchers suspect that after whaling, blue whales were needing to shout “WHERE ARE YOU?” at a higher pitch, which doesn’t travel as far but is louder.

As their numbers have slowly gone up, the whales don’t have to look as far for a mate, and competition has increased. Bigger males can make deeper sounds, which females in many species find sexier. Male blue whales are well… I can’t do a good Barry White impression but that’s what I envision!

So whales have music…don’t ostrocods have mood lighting?

Yes! Ostrocods are little crustaceans, like a shrimp encased in a lima bean shell. They send out this goo that lights up and they use it to create patterns to attract females. It really does look like little fire flies in the sea.

Researchers were able to get fossils over 400,000,000 years old and create a 3D model of the animal. In one case they were able to see this absolutely gigantic phallus (about one-third the length of the animal’s body and they actually come in pairs) so they think it evolved from a paired set of limbs. Modern ostracods today are similarly well-endowed and some produce absolutely humongous sperm, ten times the size of the male himself.

What wild, kinky ones totally surprised you? 

Osedax, which means bone-devouring. In these worms, the female live on the bones of dead whales that have fallen to the deep sea. Researchers found females with sperm inside them but couldn’t find the males. Turns out …what they thought were sperm, were actually the males. You have this female packed with microscopic dwarf males who just shoot out sperm for her all day.

You began and ended with corals. Why is that?

Mass coral spawning…it’s a life changing experience. You’re witnessing this rhythm of nature that has been around for millions of years and despite all the threat and decline, these corals, every year, right on time, are still pushing the next generation forward. There’s something hopeful in that for me.


The nicest people in the world

Eric Weinter from BBC reports…Canada may not be the most exotic of destinations, but sometimes, exotic is overrated. Canada tempts us with familiarity, blissfully cool weather and, most of all, a deep reservoir of niceness.We experience Canadian nice as soon as we reach customs. The US border guards are gruff and all business. The Canadians, by contrast, are unfailingly polite, even as they grill us about the number of wine bottles we’re bringing into the country. One year, we had failed to notice that our 9-year-old daughter’s passport had expired. They, nicely, let us enter anyway. The niceness continues for our entire trip, as we encounter nice waiters, nice hotel clerks, nice strangers.

Canadian niceness is pure, and untainted by the passive-aggressive undertones found in American niceness (have a good day, or else!). It’s also abundant. Canada is to niceness as Saudi Arabia is to oil. It’s awash in the stuff, and it’s about time, I say, the rest of the world imported some. (France, Russia and the UK topped one recent list of rude countries as perceived by travellers.) Researchers have yet to analyse Canadian niceness empirically, but studies have found that Canadians, perhaps in an effort not to offend, use an overabundance of “hedge words”, such as “could be” and “not bad”. Then there is the most coveted of Canadian words:  “sorry”. Canadians will apologize for anything and to anything.“I’ve apologized to a tree that I walked into,” confessed Michael Valpy, a journalist and author, noting that many of his fellow citizens have done the same.

Traffic in Toronto and Montreal may be awful, but “you almost never hear a horn, even in the most frustrating traffic jams”, said Jeffrey Dvorkin, a Canadian journalism professor at the University of Toronto. Horn-honking is regarded as unnecessarily aggressive. And murder rates in Canada are low, he said, partly because “it’s quite rude to murder someone”.

The Canadian press is rife with examples of niceness in action. For instance, the National Post reported that in Edmonton, a law student, Derek Murray, left his headlights on all day. When he returned to his car, he found the battery drained and a note on his windshield. “I noticed you left your lights on,” it read. “The battery will probably not have enough charge to start your vehicle. I left a blue extension cord on the fence and … a battery charger beside the fence in the cardboard box.” The note went on to explain exactly how to jump-start the vehicle. “Good luck,” it added. In Ontario, a thief returned the goods he or she stole with $50 attached to a letter of apology. “I can’t put it into words how sorry I am,” the thief explained. “Please find it in your hearts to forgive the stranger who harmed you.”

Canadians aren’t only polite; they’re incredibly humble too, and reluctant to take credit for even plainly heroic acts. When a gunman attacked the Canadian parliament building in October 2014, Kevin Vickers, Canada’s sergeant-at-arms, responded quickly and calmly by shooting the assailant with the handgun he keeps in his office.And while Vickers was glorified in the Canadian media, it was his humility, not his marksmanship or bravado, that was celebrated. (Canadians take great pride in their humility, an oxymoron that bothers no one.)

What explains this blizzard of humility and politeness? Taras Grescoe, a Montreal-based writer, believes Canadian niceness is born of necessity. “We’re a small group of people, spread across the second-largest national territory in the world,” he said. “We’ve always known that, in order to survive – or just stay sane – we had to watch out for one another. The old lady down the street, the teenager at the bus stop who forgot to bring a scarf when it’s 5 below. Hence our general willingness to proffer assistance rather than aggression.”



Draper James by Reese Witherspoon

If you don’t follow Reese Witherspoon on social media you may not know that she launched her lifestyle e-commerce website where she offers elegant clothes and items for home decor. Award winning actress, talented producer, mother of three has a unique and distinguished style. Reese is proud of her Southern heritage. Quote from Vogue: ” As a proud Nashville native, it only makes sense that Witherspoon open her first brick-and-mortar outpost in her hometown.” On her Draper James website, Reese shows off her Soutehrn hospitality: “Shop designer clothes & women’s Southern clothing from Draper James by Reese Witherspoon. Discover contemporary, timeless Southern style”.

12393717_181297962235493_1013917896_nWitherspoon was offered a big cheque to represent other brands. But instead, she invested in her own vision and this is how Draper James was born. The name comes from her grandparents and “representing a true Southern gentility, a place where people took care of each other and created an environment where everyone belonged.” Witherspoon and CEO Andrea Hyde, a veteran retail executive who’s done stints with Chris Burch, French Connection, Gap, and Calvin Klein, approached only three venture capital firms in total; two of them invested.

Reese raised 10 million USD in round B. “More often we see concepts built around a certain product or a business model innovation,” says Forerunner’s Green. “Reese’s company stood out in that it is less about an item, or even a category, and really about an attitude and a whole way of life. It’s easy to see a content and product strategy striking an emotional chord with a consumer and delivering a unique experience—which we believe is the strongest place to compete from in business.”  (fastcompany.com comment).

Reese loves connecting to the consumers, her real girl attitude, quality vs price have boosted up the revenues. Check out the latest collection now.


How to prepare your child for a sibling

If you expect the second baby, you should prepare your child for this occasion. It is important to cultivate the relationship of your children before you give a birth to a child otherwise this can be a huge stress for him/her. For some reason, parents expect that older child should be happy about a new sibling not thinking about the change of lifestyle that follows. Your kid may not be happy about all that fuss around the new member of the family. Being the only child, such kids are in the center of attention. When this changes and other baby captures the attention, this can cause jealousy.

Children tend to be more protective when you prepare them for a sibling in advance. Here are some tips to help you with it:

Best casual chic outfits of Winter 2016

Many shopping malls in Europe and the US are still hosting winter sales. Its usually a good time to buy your favourite designers. If you are lucky and still could find your size, its definitely a bargain, most sales offer 70% -80% in January. Winter is all about staying warm, comfy and elegant at the same time. So, below is my pick of Top 5 best casual chic outfits for this winter. Make sure you check out those designers if you are shopping on sales.

  1. Acne Studios offer oversized jackets, funky patterns and cosy warm fabric. Its my top pick for this season.


2. Rag & Bone proposes to mix and match fabrics like silk with wool. The winter collection is bright, young and sporty.


3. Victoria Beckham is all about feminine silhouette and comfortable chicness. Her winter collection includes white and soft colours, long skirts and oversized sweaters.


  1. Derek Lam proposes to show off a little skin this winter. His collection also has a ot of leather outfits, comfortable pants suites, asymmetric blouses and the robe style coats.


  1. Costume National is sticking to total black colour this season. Elegant but casually sporty dresses and trousers will definitely be a useful item sin the wardrobe. It’s classic and timeless.