12 useful time-management tips for working moms

Working moms have to care about too many things. They must keep the house clean and do laundry. Their obligations include shopping and handling financial matters. They have to be present at kid’s activities and help them with homework. In all this haste women can forget about their partners thus risking their relations.

The couple should spend some time together. Working moms dream of going to the gym or soaking in a bubble bath. Is it possible to have time for all this when you work? It seems incredible but there are working mothers who cope with this task. The clue is right time management and planning of tasks. If you follow time management tips, you will also be able to become a super-mother who has enough time for career and home. At this, she looks great!

  1. You need a system! When there are too many tasks, it can be hard to handle them all and not skip some detail. However, with your unique system each detail becomes its point and you can’t go further until it’s done! Moreover, knowing that you have time for each point makes you calm. Everything is organized in your life and it gives you power.
  2. Planning takes time – this is so, but planning each day you will be able to free your Sundays! Is it worth it? Definitely, yes!
  3. Morning is especially challenging time for mothers who have to wake, make breakfast for all, clothe children, take them to school and not be late for work. If you want to cope with it, prepare the clothing in advance, pack lunches and all necessary things the day before.
  4. If you wake earlier than your kid you will have time for yourself and some tasks that can be done without them, so when they wake up and you will be able to concentrate on them.
  5. Hurried moms can double up on meals – make large portions that can be frozen and used on busy nights. It will work fine for such dishes as lasagna or meatballs.
  6. When multitasking is involved, it may take much time on refocusing. In this way, we lose valuable time trying to switch our mind from one issue to another. The cognitive behavioral psychologist says that it takes half an hour to get back on task after being interrupted. Therefore it is better not to combine communication with your family with your office work such as checking emails or answering the working calls. In this way more time is spent. You can’t concentrate as too many things distract you. You’ll feel more exhausted. You think that you economize time doing two things simultaneously but this is not so. You should learn to single-task.
  7. It can be especially hard to delegate tasks for perfectionists who think that nobody can perform task better than they. However, this is important if you want to develop. You can fail with such approach. People who delegate tend to be promoted more often than those who do everything on their own. They are drowned in multiple small tasks instead of going forward. And also, involve your husband and kids into the household chores.
  8. Work time often vanishes in the madness of household duties. Therefore it is better to find time for household duties and free time for your work if you work at home. It can be good to find a sitter when you work. Think of your day in shifts – it will be more effective.
  9. Catch up on other tasks when you have to wait.
  10. It can also be a good solution to collaborate with other parents and do turns taking care about the kids. This will free some time for working mom.
  11. You should set a limit for certain assignment. Each task should have a time limit. Stop at the time when you defined to do something else even if you haven’t finished the pervious task.
  12. You need the right approach as you try to find work-life balance. When you set unrealistic goals you start thinking as if you failed in all spheres.