It Girl – A Short Film by Alina Reyzelman

Alina Reyzelman is happy to introduce her short movie IT GIRL that was released in November 2015. Reyzelman wrote, produced and directed the film. Alina worked with Unstructured Plans Production company, based in Los Angeles. Reyzelman says: “My new short film IT GIRL tells a story about a young beautiful girl who can be characterized as It Girl, the notion that has become very trendy. I wanted to explore a few themes in the film, one of them was to show who is the modern It Girl.”

The term It Girl became popular after the American writer Elinor Glyn first used it in the 1920s. She wrote the book “It”, on the basis of which the film was produced in 1927. The concept of “It” reached global attention after the release of the film and the term became popular. Now It Girl is associated with a rich, young woman, with a good sense of style; she is a star of tabloids and subject of gossip and paparazzi.

Modern It Girls are the center of attention at fashion shows and gossip columns of glossy magazines, they are rich, young and beautiful. The main character of the film is a typical It Girl. Kristina de la Roche has a fabulous life in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Malibu. She has her reality show on TV and her producer predicts a huge success.

Reyzelman highlights that: ” I also wanted to explore other characters in the film and their relationships. I wanted to show a different side of Hollywood industry. How shows are made and what is at stake”. In the movie we also see “behind the scenes” of Hollywood and what it takes to become popular and who really runs the business. Reyzelman hopes to develop a full length movie or a TV show based on the story and characters she created.

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