A Girl & the City: A Documentary by Alina Reyzelman

Alina Reyzelman is proud to announce the release of her first documentary film A Girl and the City in 2015. Alina wrote, produced and directed a film with a Moscow based production company Pro-media Holding.

The film takes place in Moscow, Russia, and follows the lives of three individual women from different social classes of society. Through their experiences and commentary, the documentary reveals the deep rooted issues plaguing their society, such as gender discrimination, financial support of socially unprotected members of society, and problems of both working and single mothers.

A Girl & the City is an inspirational documentary that portrays various aspects of modern life and allows us to get an insight into the most pressing issues of society. “It was important for me raise awareness to the issues and hurdles many women face every day, not only in Russia, but worldwide.” said Reyzelman, in her interview to Los Angeles Post. Producer plans to participate in international film festivals and offer documentary to TV networks. A Girl & the City is set to be released later in 2015 with English subtitles and will be available in the United States through iTunes and Netflix.

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High-end designs of Alexis

Alexis is a designer who makes the fashion line along with her mother Ana Barbara. The duo uses the finest materials for their collections, creating different kinds of attires from beachwear to evening gowns. Their clothing can be found in 280 stores, scattered over the globe. The celebrities love to wear their high-end fashions. You can find Adriana Lima, Cameron Diaz and Kardashian among the most famous followers of the brand. There are also collections for fashion-minded children, but within the other brand.  “Little Alexis” was created for kids.

Alexis tries to combine motherhood with her favorite work and seems to succeed in both. She is an excellent mother, wife and designer with brilliant ideas. She is always in the middle of haute couture latest events. Her haute living does not let her relax but she does not mind – her busy days bring much food for thought, and then she comes up with interesting concepts and original designs. The results are fantastic and we can enjoy them on the runway.

The clothing made by Alexis is elegant and seductive, so there is nothing surprising that her designs attract women from different parts of the world.

Dalianah-Cape-Inessa-DressHiltrude-Top Vice-Dress


Refined attires of Alexis are full of charm and inexplicable beauty. Her style becomes easily identifiable. Any woman will be happy to add a hint of edge to her wardrobe. Looking through the latest trends, she discovered what was missed and tries to compensate this for us. It seems that she feels what women need most and lack nowadays – femininity that looks so sexual and stunning. Her creative spirit and intuition. Once you see the collection, you cannot stay indifferent.

There is some veil of romantics about her laced designs. She took the best of conventional design and added unique sophisticated chic to it. Many outfits look both elegant and casual. You can choose them for daily wear. Alexis skillfully plays around female elegant curves and makes contrasting colors work for you.

Lonely Planet reveals its ‘ultimate’ travel destinations

CNN Reports: Four decades after it began as a penniless backpacker’s bible to traveling on the cheap, Lonely Planet is publishing what it says is the definitive guide to the world’s top tourism attractions.

The publisher has assembled a crack team of travel authors and experts to compile its “Ultimate Travel” list, ranking “mega-sights and hidden gems in a definitive wish list of the 500 best places to visit on earth.”

“Ultimate Travel: The 500 Best Places on the Planet…Ranked,” is being launched in August in some countries as “Ultimate Travelist,” but will not be available in the U.S. until October.

While many are best-of list regulars, culled from UNESCO’s World Heritage roster or, indeed, Lonely Planet’s own country-by-country highlights, there are a few surprises.

And so the top 20 list finds Tasmania’s Museum of Modern and Old Art and Fez’s Medina rubbing shoulders with travel titans such as the Grand Canyon and the Taj Mahal.

MORE: UNESCO’s newest world heritage sites

‘Most compelling places’

In pole position is the temple complex at Angkor in Cambodia — which LP says “won by a landslide” — followed by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and Peru’s Machu Picchu.

Others to make the top 20 include Rome’s Colosseum, Istanbul’s Aya Sofya mosque and Australia’s coastal Twelve Apostles rock formations.

“This book has been years in the making and brings together the most compelling places in the world according to our team,” Lonely Planet’s Editorial Director Tom Hall says.

“Every traveler has a list of places they simply have to see. Of course, what makes a place special is different for everyone, but this is our definitive list and one we hope will inspire many other travel wish lists.”

Billed as the “only bucket list you’ll ever need,” the attractions have been gathered into a lavish tome, complete with write-ups, photos and gold foil print.

Looks good, but anyone hoping to hit all 500 is probably best advised leaving it on the coffee table rather than hauling it around in their backpack.

Jimmy Choo: the road to fame

Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian-born designer, who opened his shoe business at the age of 25 after he graduated from the college.

He did his first work at the age of 11. His father was a cobbler and this influenced the career of Jimmy Choo. Being a boy, he watched attentively for hours how his father worked. His road to fame did not take long – Jimmy worked with dedication and the result was superb. All wanted to have shoes of highest quality. Since that moment, the number of his followers continued to grow. Now the list of his fans includes many celebrities and even members of the royal family. Princess Diana loved the shoes of Jimmy Choo. The designer was often invited to Kensington Palace on many occasions.

Head-Over-Heels-Jimmy-Choo-e1375763688105In the 1990-s Jimmy Choo began working with Tamara Mellon, who was an editor at British Vogue. The designer created real masterpieces that attracted attention of women from all over the world. For instance, Cate Blanchette was so incredible in Jimmy Choo shoes on the red carpet that numerous ladies started dreaming about the shoes of Jimmy Choo. Carrie Bradshaw mentions the brand in the popular show “Sex and the City” so the “feather” heel of Jimmy Choo was raised to new heights.

At the end of the last century, Jimmy Choo opened new stores in New York and Los Angeles. Julia Roberts and Renee Zellweger purchased his shoes with pleasure. Jimmy Choo became the world’s famous designer, while the Choo acquires the status of a global brand.

With time, the brand has expanded. The shades and handbags were added to the line of shoes.  Different approach to business made the collaboration with Mellon impossible so Jimmy Choo sold his 50% in 2001. The price of the deal was 30 million dollars. After purchase, the famous designer returned to his favorite activity and opened a small shop in London. He creates new models and trains the best students who are supposed to make high-end shoes in the future.

Its a great time to work for Microsoft if you are a parent.

A great piece of news from Microsoft… The company is bumping up its paid parental leave for employees. Starting in November 2015, new mothers in the U.S. can take up to 20 weeks paid leave, and non-birth parents can take up to 12 weeks paid time off. That’s eight more weeks paid leave for both parents than the company previously offered. The change comes one day after Netflix (NFLXTech30announced it would offer all new parents “unlimited” parental leave during the first year after they adopt or give birth to a new child.

Extended parental leave is the latest benefit that tech companies are using to compete for talented employees. In addition to sizable salaries, many already offered fun perks like free food and alcohol, ball pits, and doggie day-care. Work-life balance programs such as longer parental leave, flexible work situations, sabbaticals, and extra vacation time appeal to older employees who are starting families.

Microsoft’s (MSFTTech30) new policy is a combination of eight weeks maternity disability leave and the 12 weeks paid parental leave available to both parents. They can slowly come back to work part time or split their leave in two. “These changes are in direct support of the culture we aspire to have — one that allows people to build meaningful careers,” said Microsoft’s Kathleen Hogan in a statement. The amount is similar to what other tech companies offer. New parents at Facebook (FBTech30)can take four months off. New moms who work at Apple (AAPLTech30) can take 14 weeks of maternity leave, while their partners can take six weeks.

Outside of the well-funded tech world, parental leave in the United States still trails other developed countries. During his State of the Union address in January, President Obama lamented that the U.S. is the only advanced country in the world that doesn’t guarantee paid maternity leave. Federal law does allow new parents to take 12 weeks off, but only at companies with 50 or more employees – and even then it doesn’t have to be paid. Obama expanded parental leave for federal employees in January. They are now eligible for six weeks paid time off. Longer maternity leaves can help companies retain female employees. After it bumped its maternity leave from 12 weeks to 18 weeks, Google (GOOG) said new mothers were leaving the company at half the rate they did previously.

New species of fish are still discovered!

CNN reports an interesting discovery: Now and again, marine scientists plumbing the dark depths of the sea pull out a new fish species that is just out-and-out ugly. The latest discovery looks like a hunchbacked, rotting old shoe with spikes, a scraggly mustache and a big mouth with bad teeth. And it has a long, angular fishing pole-looking thing growing out of its head. The feature is typical for all species of ceratioid anglerfish, which they indeed use to lure other fish to their spiky jaws.

“This fish dangles the appendage until an unsuspecting fish swims up thinking they found a meal, only to quickly learn that they are, in fact, a meal themselves,” the marine researchers from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, said in a statement. The spooky tackle is believed to have evolved from a dorsal fin.

The researchers caught three of the new fish species in the northern Gulf of Mexico at depths of 3,280 to 4,921 feet (1,000 to 1,500 meters) in what’s called the bathyal zone — nicknamed the midnight zone, because waters there are pitch black. No plants grow there, and the survival of creatures that call it home depends on waste called marine snow that sinks down to them. The fight for food is fierce and calls for innovative strategies — like that natural fishing pole. Usually, the only light in the midnight zone is produced by some fish that are bioluminescent, which is to say, they glow in the dark. At that depth, the water pressure is a crushing 2,200 pounds per square inch. For comparison, humans on Earth’s surface live in an atmospheric pressure of about 15 psi. Such finds remind Tracey Sutton, a deep-sea life expert at the university, of how much of the world’s vast oceans are yet undiscovered. “Every time we go out on a deep-sea research excursion there’s a good chance we’ll see something we’ve never seen before — the life at these depths is really amazing,” he said.

Top 10 fashion trends of Fall 2015

Analyzing the fashion collections from London, Paris, Milan and New York, it is easy to track what trends are going to prevail in fashion this season.

  1. You will see unusual prints that we usually see in interior. Some designs had prints that reminded the prints of ornately patterned carpets or Moroccan rugs. It was especially vividly expressed in Tory Burch collection.


2. Patchwork can look especially exciting when performed with taste and style. The designers juxtaposed the details of different colors, texture and fabrics. It should be done with caution as much clashing in a single look can spoil the idea. It looks perfect in designs of Moschino, Etro and Saint-Laurent.


3. Eye-catching outwear with hemlines reaching the floor is another trend of the coming season. Calvin Klein, Maison Margiela, Marni, Chanel, Dries van Noten showed beautiful designs of this kind. You will definitely need high heels to such coats.

thumb_2dfd703b7ea2d361f070135baefe2f50_resize_800_600 DRI_0525-334x500

4. Fur still remains trendy. Fur elements look extraordinary and make weird collage at times introducing unusual and unexpected solutions to surprise us. Sleeves decorated with fur from Gucci, extraordinary experiments of Giambattista Valli and Balenciaga captivate the attention, while casual touches of Louis Vuitton, Marni and Michael Kors, presented by fur elements, steal the show. Prada is the best at it. Its fur details on coats look elegant and nice. Jason Wu also added fur stoles to collection. The models wore this accessory on a right to left diagonal.

0_LV-3 2 (1)

5. Obsession with oversized accessories and detailing is not a new fashion trend. Victoria Beckham presents supersized buttons, Isa Arfen offers huge earrings while Marni, Fendi and Marco de Vincenco create oversized practical pockets.  Big bold belts are used to accentuate the waist and create color contrast. You can see big belts in the collections of Guy Laroche, Balenciaga, House of Holland, Marni and etc. Pointed oversized collars were presented in Miu Miu, Chanel and Christian Dior collections.

7 Guy-Laroche-RTW-FW15-Paris-0947-1425472319-bigthumb-572x858

6. Lace adds thrill and romance to attire so no wonder it was a favorite on the runways. Katie Ermilio and Altuzarra presented lace pants. The latter was topped with a fur coat for warmth. It seems that the new fashion concept presents underwear as outwear, so it is just the time to reach the heights of sexy sophistication in the garments from Oscar de la Renta, Rodarte, Narciso Rodriguez, Maison Margiela and others designers.

0_1138ad_33960ebe_XL 0_11386f_b8b8714_XL

7. Glittering attires return us back to the ‘90s. Elegant sparkling dresses from Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren were presented along with bomber jackets that shine this season. You can find different variations of them Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone and Rodarte collections.

e6iz2jfnm marc-jacobs-osen-zima-2015-2016_360753hq

8. Elegant chokers are coming back, but the accessory popular in the 1990-s was not so wide. The fashion detail was presented by Ohne Titel, Tome and Altuzarra. However, using the choker one should not forget that it is a part of the whole look.

Altuzarra_FW_15_16_NYFW-7 sara-dzhessika-parker_7

9. Pleated skirts of all kinds were present on the runways in collections of Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Dior and Balmain.

26-kenzo-334x500 14266000181114265999311162830758664875090

10. Choose A-style silhouettes to look fashionable in fall. Valentino presented diverse classy capes, which can be a great alternative to traditional coats.  Capes created by Delpozo and Esteban Cortazar can substitute coats in mild weather. Or you can choose sporting poncho. This clothing item was presented by Tommy Hilfiger and Zero Maria Cornejo.

030-valentino adaptiveResize_200_310_8729f2c2d15b6e0deb09c0e42ce844d5