Cannes Film Festival – Most elegant celebs & Top 5 Most Provocative dresses

The most glamorous film festival of 2015 is over. Its time to review the best dressed celebs, eye catching looks and most provocative outfits. As we know, elegance never goes out of style, however, some events like legendary Cannes Film Festival are a good platform to sparkle, to shine and to show off. So, lets look at most amazing looks during the festival ceremonies, film premieres and notorious parties and gala dinners. Who did it well with poise and grace? Here is my Top 5 most elegant divas.

  1.  Naomi Watts in Elie Saab




  1. Sienna Miller in Gucci



  1. Eva Longoria in Georges Hobeika




  1. Rita Ora in Marchesa



  1. Natalie Portman in Lanvin



Naked dress tend has been the hottest so far in 2015. Some celebs may not need that much media attention, they are already superstars. However, they show up at events in sheer dresses, low cleavages, showing off legs and skin in provocative attire to wow the public. Why? Some say its a good PR approach and increases their popularity. Some do it because they are sexy divas and they don’t care, they love showing off their flawless bodies.

Here is my Top 5 pick for most provocative dresses.


  1. Irina Shayk in Atelier Versace



  1. Gigi Hadid in Tom Ford



  1. Toni Garrn in Elie Saab



  1. Dita von Teese in Ulyana Sergeenko 



  1. Natalie Portman in Rodarte

New medical study from New Zealand confirm that Green tea and red wine reduce cold risk.

Recent study conducted by the University of Auckland showed that consuming foods like green tea, apple, blueberries, cocoa, red wine and onions can significantly reduce the risk of catching colds and coughs. These produce contain compounds knowns as flavonoids that fight infections and strengthens immune system.

The study showed adults could be 33 percent more protected against the common cold, or upper respiratory tract infections, if they eat flavonoids or take flavonoid supplements, compared with those who don’t.

People who eat flavonoids also took fewer sick days off work, nutrition researcher Andrea Braakhuis said in a statement. “These findings show that if you’re generally healthy, eating flavonoids found in lots of fruits and vegetables can help stave off the bugs over winter,” said Braakhuis.

Most adults had two or three colds a year and children could have up to five, with symptoms including a sore throat, cough, runny nose and headache.”We’d all love to make it through winter without one of these nasty colds. They’re a leading cause of visits to a doctor, yet antibiotics don’t help, so it’s worth giving flavonoids a go as part of a healthy diet,” said Braakhuis.

Nutrition scientists were learning more about the special components in foods, like flavonoids, which were thought to have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help reduce the incidence of coughs and colds and boost immune function.

“Eating five serves of vegetables and two of fruit each day, in a variety of colors, will put you well on the path to getting enough flavonoids. Make sure your dinner plate is at least half full of vegetables, sip green tea over winter and enjoy the occasional red wine,” she said.

Zara – Affordable Fashion Trends

The success of Zara was predicted back in 1975. The brand owners Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera opened their first store in central street in downtown A Coruña, Galicia, Spain with one aim – to offer fashion lovers low-priced lookalike products of luxury brands. The name origin has an interesting history. The owner, Amancio Ortega wanted to name its first store Zorba since he was passionate about the classic film Zorba the Greek, however, in the same neigbourghood, there was a bar names Zobra. So in order not to confuse people Ortega was forced to re-name the store last minute before the opening. Since the molds for the letters were already made, Ortega had to rearrange them in different order. That’s how Zara was born.

Zara store became very popular and Ortega started opening stores around Spain. In 1980s Ortega was one of the first in the fashion industry to change business processes in design and manufacturing, so he can offer fashion trends quicker and for less money. For examples, Ortega used group of designers rather then creative directors. Another approach that innovative businessman came up with is called just in time system. Zara has its own factory in Spain that manufactures textile, provides product completion and distribution. This helps a fashion giant to deliver new pieces to stores worldwide just in a few days.

Zara knowns its customer and has a close eye on fashion trends. For example, its the only company that can design and produce and distribute a certain product within 4-5 weeks. If this particular design doesn’t work, designers modify the trend in 2 weeks. And if the design doesn’t sell well in a week, its taken from the stores and other orders are cancelled and the designers focus on a different fashion style or trend. The company stays true to its values, shortening the life cycle of the product means meeting customers preferences in fashion right now. The stores also use modern information technology that helps managers to track consumers needs. That’s probably explains why Zara fans visit stores more then 15 times a year.

If you are looking for classic and elegant looks in Zara, check out a Woman collection. It offers chic blazers, feminine blouses, trendy office dresses. These are my favourite from 2015!








Casual Elegance from Jessica Alba

Hello dear readers! If you are looking for inspirations in the world of office fashion, you are on the right page. Today, I’ d like to review the wardrobe of Hollywood celebrity turned entrepreneur and successful business woman Jessica Alba. Lets zoom in on her style, brands she admires and accessories she prefers.


If we take a look at Jessica’s daily outfits, one thing is obvious, she likes casual smart attire. She looks comfy in her clothes, its never too tight, its never too short or too revealing. Her dress up style has a bit of bohemian influence in it, she likes long skirts, loose shirts and flower prints. For business meetings and gatherings, she prefers classic cuts, like pencil skirts and white blazers and elegant pumps.  She is not afraid of bright colours, especially when she chooses her totes or coats. She always has a pair of luxury shades and you can often see her in a fedora hat when she wears jeans. So, to summarize all of that, please see below my Top 5 tips on how to develop a casual elegance and dress up like Jessica Alba:

  1. Buy comfortable clothes. Do not wear tight or short dresses, its vulgar.
  2. All pieces in your wardrobe should be easy to mix and match with different looks and attires.
  3. To create a bohemian look, invest into maxi dresses, loose shirts and floral prints.
  4. Always have a classic office uniform in your closet such as pencil skirt and a blazer. To make this outfit more stunning, accessorize it with bright handbag, oversize shades, accessories and high hills.
  5. Make sure you have at least one Fedora hat to create a more laid back Friday look.

Jessica+Alba+Takes+Girls+Easter+Party+dpEsmn_JeuplJessica Alba Out For Lunch In New York







The Power of Social Media –  The rise and fall of Bill Cosby

I read the article about Bill Cosby’s sex scandal in Vanity Fair back in February 2015. Learning something new about the power of social media every day I went back to the article by James Wolcott “The Bill Cosby Scandal, Brought to You by YouTube” to share with you the perspective on how hard its to climb the career ladder and how easy and quick it is to destroy. Especially if you put the scandal on YouTube or any other social media networks.

No amount of riches or celebrity can stem the tide of Internet revelations of Bill Cosby’s predatory behavior. 70 Thirty years later, the Cosby sweater still rules, chirped a headline at CNN Entertainment in September 2014, a month before the levee broke. The affable array of colorful novelty knits that Bill Cosby lounged around in as Dr. Cliff Huxtable on his NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show, became a symbol of American fatherhood in the Reagan era—traditional values with a twirl—and still held a cozy appeal decades on. Now we know that those sweaters covered a multitude of sins.

Cosby might have been able to follow his blockers (the busy team of lawyers, publicists, and handlers he employed) and run out the clock, dodging the takedown of his reputation and showbiz edifice until reaching the final exit gate. But in October 2014, Philadelphia magazine put a video online of black stand-up comic Hannibal Buress performing a bit at the Trocadero Theatre where he flat-out, unambiguously, no-alleged-about-it labeled Cosby “a rapist.” The clip went viral with a vengeance, poking a hole in the dam that unleashed a flood of sordid revelations from the past unable to stay pent up any longer—a storm surge that carried all before it. Freud talked about the return of the repressed. This was the revenge of the suppressed. Bill Cosby was reduced to a bit player in a melodrama that was the monster of his own making.

he Internet is an accelerator and force multiplier of opinions and perceptions. Indignation is its rocket fuel. When social media swerve against a popular personality, the traditional damage-control methods of well-greased P.R. machinery are usually no match for the stampede of screaming meemies. Endearing personas and impressive careers that once took months and years to ruin can now crash and burn over the course of a few news cycles. The bigger they are, the faster they fall.

Read the full article here

Butterflies are new weapon against cocaine production

Love news about nature creatures! I came across an interesting article in Le Figaro about special white butterflies that love eating coca leaves. Various media is reporting that Columbia is determined to fight cocaine producers with a new kind of weapon – butterflies. Cocaine-eating butterflies proposed to replace herbicides in Colombia.

Fox News reports: In the aftermath of Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos announcing that he is halting use of glyphosate, a herbicide that has been a key part of U.S.-financed efforts to wipe out cocaine crop, the head of the country’s Quindio Botanical Garden, Alberto Gómez, disclosed that a pilot program has been in the works that would, if carried out, unleash hordes of Eloria Noyeri butterflies in coca growing regions in the hope that the next generation of these insect marauders would gobble up the coca leaves.

There are 157 species of coca in the world but only two are processed to make cocaine, and it just so happens that Eloria Noyeri caterpillars only eat those two varieties of the plant.

Each butterfly is able to lay over 100 eggs in a month and when the eggs hatch into very, very hungry catepillars, they gobble up every coca leaf in sight. The plan, however, has been criticized because such a concentrated release could threaten other plants as well.

Gómez said that in 2005 the government decided to hold off on the project. Colombian officials were worried that a horde the butterflies could cause some mayhem of their own, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Colombia has been struggling for decades to come up with a solution to its coca growing problem that is both effective and not harmful to people or the environment.

Rodarte – LA designers behind the brand

Rodarte is an American luxury brand that was founded in Los Angeles in 2005. Kate and Laura Mulleavy created innovative and conceptual brand that presents the blend of haute couture and femininity. The spirit of California is also felt in their creatiojns.  The label Rodarte was named after the maiden name of their mother Rodart.  The label is rather new but it managed to score many honorable awards. The tenacity and talent of sisters made them famous soon. Kate and Laura Mulleavy have received numerous accolades and industry awards for multilayered garments since the inception of their line. One of the awards was given for the ballet costumes created for popular film “Black Swan” with Natali Portman starring in it.

Using old school techniques, Kate and Laura design sophisticated attires with intricate hand-stitching. The sisters did not get special education in fashion. One of them studied art history and the other English literature. Is it a fresh look fashion industry lacks so much? The art of dress construction was studied intuitively by them as they dissected frocks of famous fashion gurus. Now Rodarte is loved by celebrities. Keira Knightley and Kirsten Dunst are famous followers of the brand.

скачанные файлы


Kate and Laura Mulleavy outwardly do not exude fashion. The designers do not create frocks for themselves. They never wear own gowns as they feel better, as they explained, being distant from what they do. It helps them to preserve fresh look on their own works and enhance the result. Kate and Laura think that their creative talent would be reduced to the things and style they want to wear and they would not be able to present such comprehensive outlook as they can do it now.

The Mulleavy sisters are almost never apart. At least, people surrounding them rarely see them separately. Both have beautiful dark eyes, glossy brown hair. The skin is pale, supposedly, after their father of Irish origin (the mother is Italian-Mexican). Laura has sharper features. Kate has a rounder face, but in spite of these differences they work synchronically as if intuitively feeling each other. They share much: one e-mail account, one phone and one passion in life – fashion. During the interview they often finished thoughts of each other.

They do not try to be in the whirlpool of fashion like many famous designers do, when they leave their native places for Paris, New York, Milan or London. They modestly do their work in Pasadena. Their clothing is regarded as ready to wear, but the Mulleavy sisters use haute couture details as if they are “building” a garment. Diverse textiles and adornments are used for creation of dresses. Complicated hand techniques are applied so work takes much time. Along with other adornments, they decorate frocks with vintage Swarovski crystals. With such approach, they are not able to provide mass production. Anna Wintour liked their personal approach and advised them to keep it that way. Such support was very encouraging. This was the best compliment for Kate and Laura Mulleavy ever made.


Pablo Picasso becomes most expansive artist in the world

CNN reported that 1955 canvas, “Les femmes d’Alger (Version “O”),” by Pablo Picasso was sold for a record $179,365,000 at Christie’s auction in New York on May 11th. “Les Femmes d’Alger,” which translates to “The Women of Algiers,” is considered a masterpiece of contemporary art. It features nude courtesans, a common theme for Picasso, and is painted in his signature cubist style. Picasso painted it as an homage to his friend and rival, Henri Matisse.

Previously, the most expensive art work sold at auction was Francis Bacon’s “Three Studies of Lucian Freud,” which went for $142 million in 2013. According to CNN report  Picasso’s most famous works are in high demand and few remain in private hands. In 2013, billionaire hedge fund manager Steven Cohen bought Picasso’s “Le Reve” from hotel magnate Steve Wynn for $155 million in a private sale. The Picasso is the centrepiece of a blockbuster sale of contemporary art on Monday and Wednesday. All told, up to $2.5 billion worth of art is expected to be sold, according to Philip Hoffman, chief executive of the Fine Art Fund Group, a global art investment house.

Everybody is wondering, who bought the paining? And where is it going? The Telegraph newspaper suggests that the buyer of the paining is likely to remain anonymous, setting off another wave of speculation about the identity of the new owner and the destination for the piece. The current owner of Les femmes d’Alger (version O) is selling the work anonymously, 18 years after acquiring it at auction from the legendary collectors Victor and Sally Ganz. Although the piece has been in private hands, it has drawn admiring crowds at several exhibitions, most recently in the Picasso show at Tate Britain in 2012.

The Telegraph also says that: “The top end of the market has seen a heavy surge in Asian money, particular from China as the country’s new class of super-rich branch out their asset investments into lucrative art pieces. The New York art world was abuzz when a mystery Chinese-speaker in jeans and a hooded jacket won the bidding at Sotheby’s for Vincent van Gogh’s L’Allee des Alyscamps for $66 million”.

Spain is No1 Destination for tourism according to World Economic Forum Report

When I was browsing through press this weekend, I was pleased to find a report on bet destination for tourism in 2015. Daily Mail reported “Spain was named most tourist-friendly country in the world.” I just got back from a wonderful 4 day trip to Barcelona where I have been previously 3 times. Its such a warm city with some many attractions to offer. According to Daily Mail, Spain has been named “most tourist-friendly country in the world for the first time thanks to its ‘excellent’ culture, entertainment and infrastructure”. I couldn’t agree more!

Daily Mail: “Spain defeated its European rivals in the World Economic Forum’s biennial travel and tourism competitiveness report, which said its position atop the rankings is ‘a positive sign for the country’s nascent recovery’. France came in second place and was followed by Germany, the US and the UK, which rounded out the top five”.

In this year’s report the Geneva-based World Economic Forum ranked 141 countries on factors and policies which influence the travel and tourism sector and contribute to a country’s development and competitiveness. Switzerland placed sixth on the list, while positions seven to 10 were awarded to Australia, Italy, Japan and Canada, respectively. The United Arab Emirates was tops in the Middle East in 24th spot, while Africa’s top performer was South Africa in 48th place. The report said countries in Central and South America fared worse due to infrastructure gaps, safety and security concerns, and business environment issues. Asia-Pacific’s top performers have more advanced economies fared well, with Singapore (11th), Hong Kong SAR (13th) and New Zealand (16th) coming in behind Australia and Japan. China ranked 17th.Each country receives a score in 14 categories, from business environment and safety to health and competitive prices, with the final rankings being determined by an average. Chad ranked at the bottom of the report, followed by Guinea, Angola, Yemen and Mauritania.

Best Business Style Looks this Summer 2015

If you haven’t read my article about summer trends for 2015, this is the time to do it… Spring is blossoming, sun is shining and its time the best time to upgrade your wardrobe. Taking into considerations summer fashion trends and the corporate style attire, I have research and found for you the best looks for this season. I tried to find pieces that will not cost you a fortune and could be practice and wearable with other clothes in your wardrobe. What I love most about these looks, they come at good price for the value; . Another reason, these outfits are timeless and classic, you can always wear them another season, mix and match with other things and looks stylish and elegant.

  1. Hugo Boss – excellent cut and form. I like that the skirt is a bit higher then a knee, it makes the look not as serious and strict. The colour is soft and pleasant on the eye, light shades (off white) add aristocratic glamour to the image.


   2. Maje – hot hit this summer is jumpsuit with stripes. Easy to wear, easy to accessorise and easy to make look elegant for the office and a bit more sexy and relaxed for the evening.


  1. Mango – great business casual attire. I like that the designers used bold polka dots and bright green in the collection. You can also glamour up with botanical print that is very popular this summer.10914336_323547697842205_1299928903_n 10919158_1526754660939239_1956596886_n
  2.  Helmut Lang – asymmetrical business dress. I love back and white combo and details of the form, and the combo of edgy, provocative and strict form.



  1. Ted Baker – flower power print! I love Ted Baker for beautiful flower prints and elegant dresses forms. This look will always be a winner in the conference room and at a summer party.