How to wear a chic turban this summer

I am a huge fan of a turban and head scarves (you could probably tell from my social media posts). And I have been having many requests from you about how to tie a turban properly and what type of scarves I use. I am happy to share my tips and ideas for this simple wrapping technique!

But first things first. What is a turban and why is it so popular? This chic headwear is made by cloth winding and its a traditional (and mandatory in some places) headgear for men in Southern Asia, Indian Sub Continent and North Africa. In some communities turban is also considered part of the religious observance, and in the West women wear turbans as part of fashion trend. I love turbans for various reasons. First of all, its an easy fix if you have a bad hair day. Second, turban is a statement accessory, it could enhance your look and make it a lot of more eye catching. And third, turbant adds confidence. I think it has to do something with covering your head and wearing something significant on your head at the same time..I am trying to draw parallels here with wearing a crown…


I am happy to show you 5 easy steps on how to master the wrapping technique so the turban can comfortably stay on your head.

  1. Choose the proper scarf. I use triangle shape, its better if its not too wide and the fabric should be thin enough (if its too thick it could make your head look bigger). I use both, silk and cashmere scarves, prints and solid colours. It all depends on what kind of outfit you have.
  2. Prepare your hair. If you have long hair, tie it up in a bun. I prefer to hide hair completely, however, you can also show part of your hair do and only tie the scarf in front of your head, so you can leave the back open. You can also use a very narrow scarf and leave your hair down.
  3. Wrap the scarf around your head and make a knot behind your head.
  4. Take both ends of the scarf and bring it to the front of your head. Twist both ends and when you can’t wrap the scarf anymore, take the leftover end to the back of your head.
  5. Tuck in the remaining loose end at the back.

Lets take a look how the celebrities wear turbans!

epitomeNicole-Scherzinger-TurbanStella McCartney - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 Front Row


My favourite turbans by fashion power houses!







Female robots at work in Japan

Toshiba developed a first humanoid robot known as Aiko Chihira who is working at the information desk of a department store in Tokyo. Daily Mail reports: “Chihira is unlikely to engage in small talk its makers admit. Instead the robot was created to appear, talk and move as humanly as possible. Chihira blinks, bows and moves its mouth and lips smoothly while speaking.” A Toshiba spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that Chihira is programmed with multiple human-like expressions, and that it will offer six-minute guidance to customers with information about the department store including events. The first female robot will provide customer service at the Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi. At present, the android can mimic only simple movements, such as exchanging greetings and signing in Japanese.

Looks like the female robots are used as marketing tools. Time magazine says: Tokyo department store Takashimiya installed a lifelike fembot in its display window to attract shoppers for Valentine’s Day. The robot, designed by Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, is capable of 60 different facial expressions. It’s also hooked up to a Kinect sensor and equipped with facial recognition software so it can interact with passing pedestrians  even yawning if nobody walks by for awhile”.

And Guardian newspaper reported that human-like robot, known as Otonaroid, joined Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. According to media: “She has long brown hair, twitches her eyebrows, sways her heads from side to side and uses her hands for emphasis. But despite her realistic appearance, she is in fact a hi-tech robot  “working” at a Tokyo museum as a humanoid guide for visitors”. Leading robotics expert Hiroshi Ishiguro highlighted that “robots were playing an increasingly important role in everyday life in Japan, they are now becoming affordable  no different from owning a laptop.”

Would you like your business to have a human-like robot?

European Mediterranean Migrant Crisis through the lenses of the photographers

 Over 1600 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean when their boats capsized on its way from Africa to Italy. On April 12, and April 19th two separate shipwrecks in the Mediterranean caused what’s being called one of the worst migrant and refugee crises in two generations.

On April 23rd, 2015, European leaders formed summit in Brussels to discuss the crisis and look for solutions. According to Time magazine: “aid organizations and humanitarian officials said Europe is still “lagging far behind” of what’s realistically needed to ease the tragedy”.

Lucia De Stefani, a contributor to TIME LightBox is showing how How Photographers Are Trying to Put a Face on Europe’s Migrant Crisis.

The journalist reports: “The crisis along the Mediterranean’s coastlines, from Libya to Morocco and Greece to Italy, is not new. Photographers have worked over the last decade to raise awareness as conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa have displaced millions.” Italian photographer Massimo Sestini aboard a helicopter took a very special shot, it showed one boat with hundreds of people looking up, waving their arms. “You could see their desperation,” Sestini said in 2014. “And, concurrently, their happiness at being saved.” The photograph won a World Press Photo award and was named by Time one of the Top 10 images of 2014.

Olivier Jobard, a French photographer followed one refugee’s trek to France. “What’s bothering me when we’re talking about immigration is that we often associate these people with ghosts and shadows,” he says. “They are not human in our minds.”

Another photographer Daniel Etter from Germany says that “The only way to really tell the story is to spend time with refugees in their home countries, see how they live, learn why they leave and then just go with them on their way.”

lampedusa-shipwreck-mediterranean-sea-01In October, 2014 Italian photographer Francesco Zizola dived 59 meters to photograph the wreckage of a boat that had carried some 500 people, and now rests at the bottom of the Mediterranean. He sought to convey the vastness of the tragedy that had occurred one year before, when 360 people lost their lives.

“I wanted to show to everybody that our comfortable, bourgeois homes could turn as if in a nightmare into that cabin with the red curtain, which I photographed inside the sunken ship,” he says. “That cabin is the tomb of our collective conscience and a memento of our indifference.”


Read full article at

Sandro Paris

I come to Paris a few times a year, sometimes only for a couple of days for work.

I do try to do “must” visits to museums and restaurants between my work meetings, but I don’t usually have a lot of time to do a proper shopping in Paris. However, a few years ago, I was staying at the hotel and across the road was a new boutique. I was happy to discover by accident a new brand that I feel in love instantly. Paris is famed, throughout the world, for its beautiful and stylish women.

So, I wasn’t surprised that my new favourite brand Sandro Paris was founded by an elegant woman Evelyne Chétrite back in 1984. I wish I was introduced to Sandro earlier as this clothing label is praised for its Parisian poise, sleek and sophisticated dresses cut, boho Gallic charm and high quality tailoring. This is how Sandro brand describes itself: “It is Evelyne Chetrite’s eye for detail that makes every Sandro collection special, feminine, and distinctly French”.

928873_746601598794927_876235649_nThe designer grew up in Marocco and moved to Paris at age 15. As a student, Evelyne held a series of weekend jobs at flea markets and later at shops in Saint Germain. The determined young lady became so interested in fashion that she started making dresses while she was still in school. She became admired for her feminine, versatile dressing and her designs were known for bohemian style and elegant presence. Sandro opened it first boutique in 1984 on Rue Vieille du Temple. Today, Sandro has a huge global following with 202 boutiques worldwide.

Here is my Top 3 reasons why this brand is “must” have:

  1. Good value for money

The fabric is high quality, tailoring is excellent. You can see by the craftsmanship that its made with love. The cut fits perfectly. Most of the production happens in Tunisia and I think its the main reason why this brand is not so expansive. But it is not a cheap brand any means. The dresses go between $400-600,  jackets could be up to $700. However, some items are more accessible, blouses, sweaters, shorts and skirts are around $200. If you go with any other high end designer brand you will not get that price tag, everything will be times more expansive. So, I really think that Sandro nailed its niche, you get trendy elegant designs with high quality tailoring for less money, its definitely good value for what you pay.

  1. Effortlessly Chic Designs

What I like most about this brand, its that you don’t to appear to look like you have spent hours getting your look ‘just right.’ In Sandro designs you look as though style comes so naturally to you, that you don’t even have to look in the mirror. I think one of the secret ingredients of this brand designs that you always look fresh, chic and polished.

  1. Elegant and timeless

Sandro Paris is one of those brands that you can just wear anytime and anywhere. Find the pieces that fit you well and you will keep them in your wardrobe for ages. Sandro Paris will add class in itself because it hugs your body shape and makes it look pretty. Sandro jackets look equally amazing with a business style pencil skirt and with summer white jeans. Choose a well cut dress by Sandro and you will collect millions of compliments.


Healthy Tip  – The magic qualities of grapefruit

I love reading new exciting medical research findings on nutritional value of foods. After all, we are what we eat. In our modern day and age, its good to know why certain foods are better for you then others. I love sharing my findings on Eat Well Co, a foodie magazine I found to promote creative cooking and healthy eating habits. Today, I’d like to share what I found out about grapefruit, a series medical studies conducted on mice who were consuming grapefruit shows that this fruit can help you to stay in shape.

According to Science Daily: “a grapefruit a day, particularly the red variety, can help keep heart disease at bay”. Dietary study by Israeli researchers reviles that feeding some patients the equivalent of one grapefruit daily significantly reduced levels of cholesterol in comparison to patients that did not eat grapefruit. Chronic high blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease. The American Chemical Society conducted a study on mice and they reported: “it is likely that antioxidants in the grapefruits are responsible for their health benefits, the red variety generally has higher antioxidants than the white. But it’s also possible that red grapefruit may contain unknown chemicals that are responsible for the observed triglyceride-lowering effect. And according to another newspaper The Telegraph: “Grapefruit juice could be the key to weight loss. Media reports that according to a study by the University of California (the research published in Plos One) that consumption of grapefruit juice improved levels of blood sugar and insulin among those given the juice, protecting against diabetes.

Other medical researchers have been praising this amazing fruit for decades. Medical Daily website summarizes very well all the key nutritional benefits of grapefruit: “It is well known any fruit rich in vitamin C will strengthen and support our immune system. Grapefruit is abundant in vitamin C which help supports the immune system. Diets high in vitamin C, which is an antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables such as grapefruit, had been linked to a reduced risk of cancers of the stomach, colon, bladder, breast, and esophagus.” This magic fruit also helps to boost immune system and promote weight loss. ” The copious amount of enzymes, high-water content, and less sodium helps burn fat easily. Grapefruit has a high water content which can help you feel full and stay hydrated”.

Read more healthy tips on Eat Well Co

Baby2Baby – Charity, Glam & Hollywood Baby Boom

Looking for a charity to support? Recent article in the Times focuses on success and achievements of Hollywood based charity Baby2Baby. According to the newspaper: “Ms. Patricof and Ms. Weinstein, co-presidents of Baby2Baby, approach their nonprofit work with a sense of duty that is real. The Baby2Baby brass also run with celebrities in a way that a previous generation did not, and they rely on those friendships to promote their charity, tweet by tweet, blog item by blog item”. With impressive list of Board of Directors that include Jessica Alba, Julie Bowen and Nicole Richie, it was no doubt that Baby2Baby would make its mark in Southern California. The Times also links the success of the charity fund with Hollywood babyboom: “Baby2Baby was started in 2006 by three mothers (who are no longer involved) as a West Coast answer to Jessica Seinfeld’s Baby Buggy charity. Its arrival coincided with a Hollywood baby boom. They just keep coming: Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Jimmy Fallon, Vin Diesel, Ms. Barrymore, Ms. Alba, Zooey Deschanel, Blake Lively, Christina Aguilera, Zoe Saldana, Mila Kunis and Olivia Wilde are only some of the stars with very young children or offspring on the way”.

Baby2Baby is a charity that supplies low-income families and children age 0-12 with diapers, clothing and other basic necessities that every child deserves. Baby2Baby distributes new and gently used items to over 60 non profit organizations including homeless and domestic violence victims, reaching out to more than 100 000 children every year.

Co-president Ms Patricof, a former fashion model, lives an exciting life between her Hollywood bungalow and Malibu beach house. But she admitted to The Times: “the fancy trappings and a life lived among the young, rich and famous mean little. What really pumps her blood is Baby2Baby. “One out of three moms has to choose between giving their child a clean diaper or food,” Ms. Patricof said. “We will not stop until we help fix that.” Her partner in crime, another co-president, Ms. Weinstein comes across “as friendly but a bit clinical”. She is often called by friends a “lawyer face” and is self-conscious about awkward divide that often exists between the affluent leaders of charities and their less-privileged clients.

What bring these two women together? Ms Patricof and Ms. Weinstein are passionately dedicated to the cause. To expand the organization, the women quickly formed a board from their pool of influential contacts. Ms. Alba wrote in an email about co-presidents of Baby2Baby: “The most important thing that they have in common is that neither of them will take no for an answer!” “As a woman that appreciates data and results, I also embrace that they’re businesswomen first and nonprofit leaders second.” Most of the funds are raised through charity gala dinners that honour celebrity Hollywood mothers and their achievements. Jewelry brands such as Tiffany and Harry Winston are among sponsors. One of the recent events raised almost $2 million and tickets were sold within five days.

So, if you fancy a fancy party and keen to help children in need, go check out the Baby2Baby and don’t forget to donate the money. Link is below.

Top 5 –  Make up Trends in 2015 

If you are looking for fresh ideas for your make up this season, you are at the right place. My team and I went through a dozen of magazine reviews, stylists’ posts, social media and fashion police feedback on celebrities’ styles. If you look at the spring/summer runway 2015, Oscar gala and flip through glossy periodicals such as Vogue, there are a Top 5 trends that ‘must’ try this season:

  1. Bronze skin. The tan is in fashion again, so don’t put too much sun screen this summer. Many make up artists choose bronze colour over classic gold because it warms up the face and adds a glamorous glow. If you are looking to get a quick and beautiful tone of chocolaty bronze, go for one of my favourite self tanners – Dior Bronze. In order to create a soft brownish tan through a make up, try one of the tones such as light mink, sandy warm or cool taupe. We loved Jenifer Lopez’s bronze glow on a red carpet!

dior self tanner87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals



  1. Red saultry Red is obviously a statement lipstick. It goes best with a simple eyeliner or just a touch of mascara. Designers used a lot of shades of red during the fashion week in Paris, New York and Milan. Try deep orange, bold scarlet or frozen berry looks to create la femme fatale look.



  1. Black liquid eyeliner never goes out of style. This season go for clean strong lines for a graphic effect or slightly flicked for a retro look. Another trend is using the liner from the middle of the eye.makeup221


  1. The pop eye make up is hot. Paris Fashion week reviled a new hot trend. Try the sheds of bright blue, green or pink eye shadow over the eye liner. Its edgy, dramatic and stylishly chic.



  1. Natural look. Many designers sent their beautiful models to a runway without any make up. Apparently natural beauty is in demand. If you want to create that look with a minimal make up, try nude lipstick and a touch of pink blush like Rosamund Pike at the Oscar’s.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Rock & Roll with Tom Ford in Spring/Summer 2015

I am a huge fan of Tom Ford, so when I was doing a bit of research for spring/summer shopping I just had to write about his new collection. Tom Ford’s spring collection could be described as a praise to Ford’s 90’s work and creations with emphasis on rock & roll age and feminine sensuality. Ford mentioned that his inspirations this season came from Italian architect and designer Carlo Mollino. The womenswear line is long and lean, silhouette is contemporary chic with edgy attitude. The designer uses a few of his best hits from Gucci days, highlighting 90s glam that is seen through bronze, gold and metallic colours, wide pants, lace and sheer chiffons.


Looking at the runway show, one can notice a never ending theme of long legs. Most of the designs: dresses or skirts are above the knee, short and sexy. Dresses come with long sleeves, tunic style or cut out. The designer offers platforms clogs and smoky eyes make up, leggings and cape combo to complete the rock-n-roll style. There is lots of black: tops, pants, dresses, bead and sequin embellishments are used across the collections to create edgy and bold look.


For a red carpet knockout look Ford gives us encrusted in twinkling black sequins, sheer gowns with satin bra cups.

Yes, Ford’s creations are pricy. But its a totally worth the investment because these pieces are timeless and easy to wear to a cocktail party, formal event, a dance club. Which one is your favourite?


Welcome to my World City Guide

Hello friends and followers. Another day, another aspiration and another project. My digital travel company, Elite Club Ltd., is proud to introduce City Guide, a specially tailored guide for users looking to access the world’s most luxurious hotels, best spas, gourmet restaurants and hottest entertainment spots. I have been pretty passionate about this venture. My goal was to create a unique database where people could find best of the best in each city. My friends often ask for recommendations when they travel to new destinations, so I was inspired to collect under one roof an array of restaurants, hotels, SPAs, shopping malls, etc.

The first of its kind, City Guide is a unique online platform that offers recommendations spanning the world of luxury products and services. The city guide founds its new home on my online travel portal – Elite Club Ltd. Our experts score the globe for the most exclusive services and products to provide trusted and reliable suggestions for a myriad of international experiences.

Through the City Guide site, users are able to browse hundreds of the world’s finest hotels, restaurants, shopping destinations, spa and beauty salons, golf courses and numerous other entertainment and service needs. All of the recommendations offer the most luxurious and extravagant experience to meet anyone’s needs. City Guide also incorporates personal feedback, encouraging users to review their own experiences and rate them using a one to five star rating system.

We are excited to be offering a one of a kind platform to consumers who are looking to get the best out of their travel accommodations. Our goal is to provide a resource for people who appreciate the finer things in life. I also believe this new site will change the way people book their luxury travel needs and we are excited for consumers to share their experiences with others.

For more information about City Guide by Elite Club, please visit


Let’s Stop Depression

A recent tragedy in the French Alps has put the consequences of depression in the spotlight. Various media sources confirmed that Andreas Lubitz, a second pilot on Germanwings flight, apparently has suffered from depression. The Week newspaper states that: “Andreas Lubitz had been issued with a sick note for the day he flew a Germanwings plane carrying 150 people into a French mountainside. Police searching his home in Germany found a series of torn-up documents which described “an existing illness and appropriate medical treatment”.

According to many experts in mental health most people who are depressed do not kill themselves, however, it is very clear evidence that untreated depression can increase the risk of possible suicide. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights that in 2013, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. According to World Health Organization (WHO) over 800,000 people die by suicide every year and suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in the world for those aged 15-44 years. Statistics are scary – depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Psychiatrists agree that the strongest risk factors for attempted suicide in adults are depression, alcohol and drugs abuse, divorce and other tragic life events such as family violence. WHO stresses out that over 90% of people who die by suicide have clinical depression or another diagnosable mental disorder. So, how do we stop depression? Is there a cure, a way to maintain this condition and help people to overcome the disease and come back to normal life?

There are many solutions for people who have symptoms of depression. Once a doctor confirms a depression diagnosis, you will be presented with a few treatment options including medication, psychotherapy or a combination of both. People who don’t respond to traditional treatments may try brain stimulation techniques or vagus nerve stimulation. Antidepressant is the most common drug that is used widely to treat depression. They help to fix chemical imbalance in the brain. Many important chemicals such as norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine are known as neurotransmitters that are responsible for transmitting electrical signals between brain cells.

I have been researching the issue of boosting and strengthening a mental health through diet for years. When I started writing my book about the power of aphrodisiacs one thing became very clear. We are what we eat. Believe it or not there are natural ways of maintaining chemical balance of neurotransmitters. Foods can improve mental health, because certain nutrients contribute to body function by stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving neurotransmitters and the nervous system. Food containing omega-3 fatty acids, fibre, and B vitamins can help to maintain a happy state of mind. A ‘good attitude’ diet should include some meats, fish, whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Protein supplies the brain with the amino acid tryptophan, which helps to produce serotonin and niacin compounds vital for a stable mood. Exposure to sunshine is another way to ensure strong mental health. The sun’s rays can help to boost energy and lift up the spirits, because sunlight produces vitamin D when ultraviolet radiation reaches the skin. A deficiency of vitamin D can disrupt hormonal regulation responsible for sleep and mood. So, make sure you get exposure to sun or take supplements.

Positive thinking is well worth developing and strengthening. Everybody can alter their life by altering their attitude. Relaxation and a philosophical approach to life can help to manage stress, daily routines, and troubles. There are many things people can do to maintain positive thinking. The right combination of nutrients, exercise, and relaxation treatments are all good recipes for cultivation of a good attitude.

Go to Eat Well Co to elarn more about diet and wellness.