Sunshine Baby

Alina Reyzelman announces plans to produce Sunshine Baby, a documentary focusing on helping families understand the truth about healthy pregnancies as they prepare for their newborn. 

sunshine-babyAccording to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the United States spends $98 billion every year on hospitalization for pregnancy and childbirth. Despite this, women in the United States have a higher risk of dying of pregnancy-related complications than those in 49 other countries, including Kuwait, Bulgaria, and South Korea.

In an effort to learn more about pregnancy when expecting their first child, Reyzelman and her husband found a multitude of books on the subject, but little to no educational documentaries or short films about pregnancy. In their research, they found that other young families had also noticed the void, which inspired them to want to create a video guide on pregnancy that could help first time parents cope with pregnancy questions, fears, and issues. The documentary to be produced by Alina Reyzelman and in collaboration with Blue Collar Productions.

The documentary will serve as the educational answer to many questions had by new families about pregnancy and childbirth. As the maternal mortality rate is increasing in the United States and United Kingdom, Sunshine Baby will visually tell the truth about fertility issues, different stages of pregnancy, alternative methods, organic foods, fitness, and other aspects of a healthy pregnancy.  Although it serves an educational function, Sunshine Baby will also cover intimacy during pregnancy, maternity style, and interviews with celebrities. Both informational and entertaining, Sunshine Baby will share perspectives from a diverse array of families ranging from Hollywood mothers to new and experienced mothers.

Once plans for this project are finalized, the Reyzelmans plan to donate 20 percent of all profits from Sunshine Baby to a charity promoting maternity care and pregnancy treatments in order to promote the knowledge and awareness of issues associated with pregnancy. They also plan on donating DVDs and free download options to various charity organizations around the world to promote knowledge of pregnancy risks.