One of the key projects is the development and pre-production of the motion picture Bring Back Our Girls, a story based on true events, the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls by Boco Haram terrorists. Alina Reyzelman is working on the movie script, she also plans to produce and direct a film.
The story starts with Boco Haram terrorists abducting over 200 female students in the middle of the night in Chibuk, Nigeria. Girls between 12-15 y.o. were loaded by extremists to the trucks and taken away from the village to the forest.

A brave journalist from LA shares the pain of Nigerian mothers, she is dedicated to help to find the girls. She uses the power of social media to call for actions through blogging, interviews and discussions with journalist colleagues across the world. She manages to get attention of politicians and celebrities to help her to push for the campaign to attract attention to the abduction. In April 24, 2014 the social campaign was trending on Twitter. The famous hashtag #BringBackOurGirls had been used over 1.5 million times by May 7. The biggest contribution to the celebrities campaign was made by Michele Obama. She posted her photo in Facebook and Twitter holding a sign with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls.

The world was watching how the social media campaign was gaining momentum and international community was getting involved. Finally it was hope that girls could come back home to their mothers. USA had deployed 80 military personnel in Chad (on the 22nd of May) in addition to 16 military personnel sent there earlier (in the beginning of May), which included experts in communication, civil affairs, operations, logistics, intelligence.

In early May, 2014 Nigerian governor received the information that the girls were noticed, crossing the border of Cameroon and Chad. However, all hopes vanished when new video appeared on the internet where one can see more than 130 kidnapped girls. The video said that Christian girls had been converted to Islam, sold to slavery, raped, killed or married of to terrorists.

Despite these sad facts, a brave journalist doesn’t want to give up. On the anniversary of April 14th, 2015 she writes a inspirational article and posts that she will not give up her efforts until all girls are back home.

The story highlights many issues that are associated with terrorism and challenges that exist today in countries like Nigeria such violence, religious intolerance, peoples indifference, non-intentional promotion of radical groups (Boco Haram actions demonstrated in media inspired some radical individuals to join groups such as ISIS).

Sunshine Baby

Alina Reyzelman announces plans to produce Sunshine Baby, a documentary focusing on helping families understand the truth about healthy pregnancies as they prepare for their newborn. 

sunshine-babyAccording to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the United States spends $98 billion every year on hospitalization for pregnancy and childbirth. Despite this, women in the United States have a higher risk of dying of pregnancy-related complications than those in 49 other countries, including Kuwait, Bulgaria, and South Korea.

In an effort to learn more about pregnancy when expecting their first child, Reyzelman and her husband found a multitude of books on the subject, but little to no educational documentaries or short films about pregnancy. In their research, they found that other young families had also noticed the void, which inspired them to want to create a video guide on pregnancy that could help first time parents cope with pregnancy questions, fears, and issues. The documentary to be produced by Alina Reyzelman and in collaboration with Blue Collar Productions.

The documentary will serve as the educational answer to many questions had by new families about pregnancy and childbirth. As the maternal mortality rate is increasing in the United States and United Kingdom, Sunshine Baby will visually tell the truth about fertility issues, different stages of pregnancy, alternative methods, organic foods, fitness, and other aspects of a healthy pregnancy.  Although it serves an educational function, Sunshine Baby will also cover intimacy during pregnancy, maternity style, and interviews with celebrities. Both informational and entertaining, Sunshine Baby will share perspectives from a diverse array of families ranging from Hollywood mothers to new and experienced mothers.

Once plans for this project are finalized, the Reyzelmans plan to donate 20 percent of all profits from Sunshine Baby to a charity promoting maternity care and pregnancy treatments in order to promote the knowledge and awareness of issues associated with pregnancy. They also plan on donating DVDs and free download options to various charity organizations around the world to promote knowledge of pregnancy risks.

My Documentary Film A Girl & the City finally completed, yay!

Hello all. I am happy to report that I have wrapped up the film and I showed the first cut to friends, media and entertainment experts in Moscow and Los Angeles. If you haven’t see the trailer yet, it’s available on my website or on YouTube. I want to thank everybody who has supported me in this endeavour, than you for your good wishes and special thanks to my friends who have kindly allowed using their home, office facilities for the film production. This project would also not be possible without a strong team work, thanks to Pro-Media Holding (Production Company) and Tatyana Lukyanenko for being the best coordinator and administration director.

Below is a bit more about the movie….Stay tuned, I hope it will be release soon for a wider audience.

A Girl & the City, a documentary film, reveals the most current problems and challenges that women face in today’s society. The film tracks the lives of three Russian women to illustrate the various aspects of female nature and the adversities they endure.

The film takes place in Moscow, Russia, and follows the lives of three individual women from different social classes of society. Through their experiences and commentary, the documentary reveals the deep rooted issues plaguing their society, such as gender discrimination, financial support of socially unprotected members of society, and problems of both working and single mothers.

Each woman featured in the film expresses her own fears, ambitions and capabilities that she must overcome and conquer. These characters discuss problems and issues that are relative to their situations yet still relatable to women worldwide. In parallel to the stories of these women, other successful women and businessmen analyze these issues and provide insight based on their knowledge and experience.

A Girl & the City is an inspirational documentary that portrays various aspects of modern life and allows us to get an insight into the most pressing issues of society. It was important for me raise awareness to the issues and hurdles many women face every day, not only in Russia, but worldwide. A Girl & the City is set to be released later this year with English subtitles and will be available in the United States through iTunes and Netflix.

Read the recent reviews of the Film in the media:

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WorldClass Magazines

Stay young and fit with Michele Promaulayko Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Health

I was honoured to interview one of the leading healthy eating experts Michele Promaulayko! Michele is the Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Health, a digital magazine offering the latest need-to-know news and expert advice on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness topics. She is also the author of the new book 20 Pounds Younger. Previously, she was for six years the Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health, one of the fastest growing women’s magazines in the world.

Before joining Women’s Health, Promaulayko was Executive Editor of Cosmopolitan for eight years. She has been an expert guest on television programs such as Today, Good Morning America, Katie Show, The Doctors, The Rachael Ray Show, CNN, EXTRA, Access Hollywood Live, and Fox News.

I spoke with Michele about her new book, and the challenges that people face in maintaining their health and weight.

Hi Michele, congratulations on your new book Twenty Pounds Younger. What has motivated you to write the book? 

As I entered my 40s (I’ll be 45 in March), I wasn’t resigned to the inevitability of being less healthy, fit and energetic. So I set out to find managable ways to sustain health and fitness in a crazy-busy world. And not surprisingly, the same things that keep you healthy and help you lose weight also anti-age your appearance, hence the name 20 Pounds Younger. I wrote the book because I wanted to share some of the tools that I’ve discovered as a health editor who has access to the best minds in health, fitness and nutrition.

There is a lot of info available on the subject (diet, fitness, etc), why your book is different?

For one, I find it difficult to stick to a super prescriptive eating plan where my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are meticulously mapped out. To me that’s not realistic. So I centered the eating plan in 20 Pounds Younger on mindful eating, which is critical to sustaining weight loss because it teaches you how to recognize real hunger cues so that you don’t fall prey to emotional eating triggers. There are also sections on strength-training, reducing stress, and caring for your skin. So this book is a total transformation guide that promises lasting results.

You have done a lot of research for the book. Who were your gurus, consultants and wellness experts?

You’re right! There are a TON of experts in the book and almost all of the advice is back up by hard science and research. As a journalist, I feel it’s important to present the facts and to do your homework. I bring a skeptic’s eye to everything I try. There are too many experts to name them all, but the team that I call my “Life Stylists” include yoga teacher Kathryn Budig, spiritual coach Gabrielle Bernstein, strength and conditioning expert Holly Perkins, nutritionist Keri Glassman, dermatologist Francesca Fusco, hormone expert Aisa Vitti and alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh. I also relied heavily on psychologist Jeanne Kristeller to help me build the mindful eating workshop.

What are your Top 5 diet tips for the readers from the book?

Why and how the proper diet will make you look younger?

A poor diet damages cells and leads to diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cataracts, cardiovascular problems, and…wrinkles!

In your book you write about 6 week strength training plan, could you please elaborate on that? Why is it important?

Where to begin! It’s so important. Every pound of muscle you add to your frame increases the number of calories you burn, even at rest, because muscle is more metabolically active than fat is, which means it requires more energy to sustain. With more muscle, you burn extra calories—even in your sleep! Strength is an often-overlooked component of physical health. Lifting weights is excellent for bone density, joint mobility, and body composition. And by body composition, I mean that you’ll look leaner and firmer.

How do you inspire readers to exercise? What are your Top 3 tips on that?

Eating mindfully, what does that mean? Counting calories? Excluding certain foods?

There is no calorie counting or food restriction, period. A big part of the book is about mindful eating, so it’s hard to sum up in a few words. But simple put, mindfulness is bringing awareness and attention to any experience without getting tangled up in judgment. But the more mindful you are, the less susceptible you may be to the temptation of immediate rewards. It’s not about resistance. It’s not about deprivation. It’s about deciding: Do I really want this? With practice you can learn to do it really, really effectively. There’s a workshop in the appendix of 20 Pounds Younger that spells it all out.

Get Michele’s book here 

Read more about wellness and healthy eating at eatwellco.com

Fifty Shades of Red – Celebrities Hair Trends

Looking for ideas how to change your hair this spring? Let’s check what celebrities and other trendsetters are doing around the world? If we look at 2015 spring/summer runway, the long hair is back in fashion. Many designers have chosen the braids, ponytails or simply styled their models with so called Boho Waves. That means, you don’t need to style your long hair too long, quick blow dry, create a messy casual look and you are ready to do. Long straight ponytails are also a hot trend, high and sleek looks are differently the winner. Or try braids and twists and you will also be in line with 2015 fashion bonanza.

My personal favourite is changing a hair colour. I always want to get my locks a bit blonder, a bit brighter and shinier in a spring/summer. You can even change your style, and a whole image just by altering your hair colour. Kyle White, who is Mariah Carey’s colourist says:  “You can counteract whatever is unflattering in your skin tone with your hair colour.” Why not go with red? Red colour is not only eye catching, its different, sexy, enigmatic and it makes a woman look fearless and feminine at the same time. Red colour tone will highlight your eyes, especially if they are blue or green. Red shades will also make your face features stand out, so it’s a perfect way to show off your chick bones and lips. From strawberry blond to spice tangerine, red will make you look exotic, irresistible and confident. Below are my favourite shades of red on my Top 5 favourite redhead celebs!


Jessica Chastain

Jessica-Chastain (1)


Isla Fisher

Pour la premi?re du film "The Dictator", la ravissante Isla Fisher portait une robe tr?s sexy, le 10 mai 2012, ? Londres


Emma Stone



Christina Hendricks



Julianne Moore



Spring Inspiration 2015 from Dolce & Gabbana

Its spring time, yay! Famous Sicilian designers tell us that this spring/summer we should be dressing up like Spanish queens. It seems that new collection is inspired by bullfighters, Spanish flamenco, and Queen Isabella I. Domenico and Stefano offer their devoted fans this season corsets, thigh-high black stockings, polka dots, simple shapes such as pencil skirts. There is lots of red in the collection, many impressive and massive embellishments resembling corrida.


Matador’s jacket is chic and modern, but yet reminds us of the Spanish history. As usual you can find a lot of floral decorations in the pieces, especially carnations. Perhaps, this collection is a bit over the top for the corporate setting. However, if you match and mix some pieces, you can definitely pull it off. Try to match a pencil skirt with matador’s jacket, I am confident that you will not only make a statement in the office, your colleagues you will think twice if they should mess with you.


Feminine and elegant dresses are definitely must have for cocktail receptions.  Dolce & Gabbana’s lace dresses have already become classic and timeless; you can find new variations and body-delicious silhouettes in the spring collection.


Guess what? The head decorations and accessories such as beautiful purses and wallets look amazing at any age! So if you are shopping for new looks this spring, don’t forget about your grandma, she will appreciate one of those items.



Spring/Summer 2015 blossom from Jonathan Simkhai

Who is Jonathan Simkhai? If you’ve never heard of this young, talented NYC based designer, then you should. Jonathan started his career as a fashion designer at age 14, today he is a proud member of CFDA (Fashion Incubator program) that supports new generations of New York based fashion talent. When I first saw Jonathan Simkhai designs I was immediately attracted to the body silhouette, stretchy fabric and soft feminine colours. Designer himself reveals that he creates ‘his take on sophisticated, cosmopolitan woman’. I also admire how easily Simkhai can mix wood, lace, silk and cashmere. His creations are elegant and cosy at the same time. Style.com reports:  ‘Simkhai is a big believer in consistency, and he’s right to keep his look grounded in sportif details, which have been prevalent since his first collection’. In his spring/summer collection, the designer colored his popular knits, tees and skirts with pale blue against a blue-black background. He said during his presentation: ‘It adds an element of danger and intrigue’

18_87d05ef5-7e0f-4eb4-9470-906eced1d2ba_2048x2048 9_b212737d-fdfd-4727-aafd-77ade18cce70_2048x2048

Observer magazine also praises his latest collection. The magazines reports : ‘The voluptuous stars are drawn to Mr. Simkhai’s supremely sexy, yet tastefully cut designs, which drape around the body in a way that shows a whole lot of curve without much skin. His signature, thick jersey-knit pencil skirt and crop top combinations are on trend yet clean and classical’. Many celebs have already approved Simkhai’s designs. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian are among them.

So, lets take a look at his spring/summer 2015 collection. Best sellers are knit intarsia crop top and pencil skirt, dresses with black and white combo. The collection with its combination of sporty, sexy and feminine attire captures the eye, abstract cutouts, sheer fabric and mesh made the body an integral part of the collection.

If you are excited about Jonathan Simkhai the way I am, you can find his creations at Harrods, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Intermix and online emporium Net-a-Porter. Or, and you can of course go to his website directly and order one of the body hugging dresses today.

23_8de7d40c-a88a-45f3-94c4-329bed4c96dc_2048x2048 22_42d1c97f-515f-421e-bbc5-5281409ad904_2048x2048