Christmas Style: Top 5 Tips & Ideas

How to look gorgeous and elegant on Christmas’ dinner and throughout the season holidays? The best way to look comfy, classy and glamorous is to be different, so perhaps you would like my Top 5 ideas for this Christmas/New Year’s season.

  1.  Try on 1950s American pin up look. Alaia dresses would give you that girlish shape and the aura of sophistication.



2. If you are inspired by Austrian royal history and especially the beauty and elegance of Empress Elisabeth “Sissi”, make sure you buy one of the pieces from Chanel’s recent collections. Karl Lagerfeld explores Austrian style, showcasing its refinement through the savoir-faire of the Chanel ateliers.


3. Be bright, be different, and look stunning in red. You can never go wrong with this colour. Especially on Christmas. One of my favourite is Dolce & Gabbana dress.


4. If you prefer to look sporty but elegant at the same time, you may like Missoni winter collection. Warm colours, comfy knitwear and Italian chic all in one.


5. Try to mix folklore into your style. Etro has the best combo between glam, vintage, bohemian style and folklore.


Cheval Blanc Hotel Courchevel


One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives

Cate Blanchett – inspiration for women around the world

I’d like to dedicate this special issue of Business style blog to the queen of elegance and charm Cate Blanchett, accomplished movie star, beautiful lady and loving mother and wife. I have to admit, Cate is my inspiration, and she is a perfect example of a hard working mother, a successful professional and so much more than just a good human being. Australia born actress doesn’t care about fame, attention or paparazzi, that’s why she decided to make a permanent residence with her screenwriter husband and three sons in her native Australia.

49b6575489d8dCate has garnered a lot of attention through the years as a talented actress and a stunning beauty without ego or vanity. Her first international breakthrough was for her performance in the 1998 film “Elizabeth,” for which she was awarded a BAFTA and Golden Globe award, and received her first Academy Award nomination. She can transform into any role, Kate can be equally convincing as a queen Elizabeth I and as a Wall Street wife in Blue Jasmine. Today, Mrs Blanchett owns two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three BAFTA Awards. Macquarie University presented Kate with a Doctor of Letters, honoury degree for her contribution to arts and philanthropy in 2014. Together with her husband they run Sydney Theater Company where she has a role as co-artistic director.

lr-hq_348_4Kate is larger than life, she is not just a Hollywood superstar, and she is involved in politics and collects modern art. In her recent interview to Porter magazine, she said: “The actors I admire always have interesting lives. They have an interest in things that are bigger than themselves”. She praised Emma Watson for speaking at the UN on gender equality: “It was brilliant, such an increadible use of her airspace”. In the same magazine interview her friend masician Nick Cave described her “she is both down to earth and celestial at the same time. Warm and remote, sweet natured but with fiercely intelligent, acerbic wit, and of course under that rare and porcelain beauty is a true, and increasingly bold, blood and guts actor.” Perhaps, that’s why Cate Blanchett has a distinguished fashion sense and style. She is elegantly bold.

Cate Blanchett is always stunning on a red-carpet style and in real life. She admitted once to media that “she often avoids the safe option preferring to experiment with pieces from the likes of Armani, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy”. According to Vogue “while some actresses can look overwhelmed by structural silhouettes or bold detailing, Blanchett always adds her own individual stamp resulting in her status as a fashion maverick rather than a follower of trends”. Let’s take a look at Cate’s looks and learn a thing or two…



Top 5 Feminine business accessories

Business style has evolved and women don’t have to prove their muscularity anymore. Cutting edge, fashionable dresses replaced boring pants suites and ugly oversized briefcases are left behind because it’s OK to show you are a woman. Why not to go extra mile and highlight your feminine side by choosing colourful and sexy accessories such as pink card holder, Swarovski crystal pen, or floral print handbags? Hope you like my ideas below.


1. Pink business card holder


2.  Swarovski crystal pen


Swarovski Pen 261Yyus3HdJL._SL1500_


3. Hand bags with floral print



4. Try a stylish headband with bow or extravagant decorations.

5. Try jewellery with pearls, nothing defines better feminine style like pearls.