The soft colours of Fall/Winter 2014-2015

I have already written a few posts about colour psychology and the power of wearing the right colour for the right situation. Because your wardrobe colours can have a dramatic effect on your style and perception by others. Colours can help you to build appeal, set a mood and create the proper ambience.

Every season famous designers set trends and not only for shapes, style and length. They dictate colours that set a tone for the season. This fall/winter 2014-2015 fashion houses prefer soft, pastel colours. And these colours are must have in your wardrobe because they evoke particular associations such as elegance, sophistication, serene. They are often also linked with images like mysterious, unique upscale.  Make sure you will buy items in a peachy pink, graceful grey or baby blue.

Here is my Top 5 pick from catwalk.

  1. Ralph Lauren uses dusty pink and a lot of mystic grey.

Ralph-Lauren-Fall-Winter-2014-2015-74544Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 - Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 8

2. Gucci offers soft blue.


3. Missoni mixes and matches nude pink, soft green and shades of grey.


4. Hermes recommends beige and grey this fall/winter.


5. Grey and rosy pink dominate in Chanel’s collection.



Royal Style. Top 5 best dressed queens and princesses

We have been looking at royal styles before by examining the style of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Today, I wanted to explore the style successes of other famous princesses. If we look into royal wardrobe and formal wear of Queen of Jordan, Queen of Spain and other monarchs we can pick key style lessons such as:

-Elegance is the attitude

-Posture is everything

-Use more solid colours

-Don’t go overboard with naked skin

-Floral prints are feminine

-Maintain the proper length of the dresses

-It has to be a balance in the amount of accessories and jewels

-Smile is the best decoration of your attire


  1.  Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen-Rania-JordanQueen+Rania+San+Remo+Music+Festival+2010+tS3rQWuuYcmlQueen+Rania+Dresses+Skirts+Day+Dress+SPwFDbdOvKilQueen Rania

        2. Princess Victoria of Sweden

2010-11-10-10-09-42-16-crown-princess-victoria-of-sweden-and-fiance-danie Crown Princess Victoria Of Sweden Visits The United Nations



       3. Princess Charlene of Monaco

prinzessin-charlene-von-monaco-170161477_article_gallery_portrait Princess-Charlene-of-Monaco-Tatler-9oct13_Julien-Hekimian_pr_b_400x600


         4. Queen Letizia of Spain


Spanish Royals Visit Film Library in Navarra

HBZ-Princess-Letizia-NIQ6ck-Promo-xln article-2666884-1F0F52A700000578-267_634x940

  1. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

princess-mary-1--a The Wedding Of Princess Madeleine & Christopher O'Neill 47



Grey – Colour psychology in the office

Psychology of a grey colour is very intriguing. On one hand it is quit and elegant and on another its unemotional and could be considered as boring. However, I believe that darker shades represent mystery while lighter colours illuminate features. Grey is considered the colour of stability, so if you wear a balanced amount of grey it could help to have a sense of calm, and provide a relief from chaos and busy schedule.

But don’t forget, there are visual and symbolic effects of colour on human behaviour. It is almost biological reaction to colour to ensure survival and wellbeing, for example we know that the food is not spoiled and that it is getting colder outside, so we need to wear a coat. The same goes for the colours, humans have unconscious reaction to colour.

We may all start feeling the blues when the sky is grey. It goes the same for wearing pure grey colours, it may come across that you lack confidence and have fear of exposure. It may also create lack of energy and feelings of depression. That’s why I recommend wearing bright colours with great such as red blue, green or yellow. Another good way is to mix and match grey with leather, jeans and white colours.

My top 5 ways to wear grey:

  1. Match grey with red.


2. Wear grey with stripes.



3. Mix and match grey with leather or jeans.


4. Bring focus to the dress shape not the colour.


5. Wear grey with black.