Hottest Eyewear Trends 2014

A pair of sunglasses is a finishing touch of any look so no wardrobe is complete without sexy eyewear. Let us look what is trending in terms of sunlasses in 2014. It is always exciting to see new collections of Dolce, Prada, Tom Ford that can accessorize spring and summer look in 2014.

Some brands presented their collections pairing them with fluid and relaxed outfits this season. It is not accidental as such designs look perfectly with bold and chunky designs of glasses that are in fashion this year. Eyeglasses in exaggerated bold style will look impressive if you select the proper clothing. At this shape of the frames is of primary importance. You can create an ideal look if you choose the one to suit the image. Sometimes trends are retro-inspired and seem to take us back in time. Cat eye glasses can be a cute addition to your wardrobe, especially when paired with clothes properly. You can notice oversized glasses of diverse shapes in collections of different brands. Round shape, for instance, and oversized glasses make an excellent combination. Perfectly round glasses is a hit this spring! Frames with elegant detailing make the image more sophisticated. This can be a metal browline detailing or detail of the same material but contrasting in color.

Dolce & Gabbana presents a great variety of styles you can choose from. Here you will see Aviator/Pilot, Butterfly style, Cat Eye, Rectangular, Round, Square or Wrapped shapes.
Dolce & Gabbana eyewear is the best choice if you want to acquire something extraordinary and exclusive. For lovers of luxury a precious collection of this brand was launched. The ancient Italian craft of micro mosaics was used for creation of this collection. Sunglasses from limited edition of Dolce&Gabbana Mosaico Eyewear expresses the highest Italian craftsmanship ability. The frame of gold is covered with mosaics made of precious stones. Careful manual work, décor created from 1000 micro-tiles decorate the temples and front of the model DG2136. The design recreates different flowers and looks very romantic, bright and fresh. If you want more reserved style then you can choose the one where only temples are embellished with mosaic flowers. DG2135 model comprises 600 micro tiles: 300 on each temple.

Prada is one of the most famous fashion brands that produces everything for stylish elegant look. Prada eyeglasses are outstanding just as everything the company produces. Superb quality and innovative approach of the company made the brand recognizable. We see the style of Prada as it is recognized in accessories. These products make the look elegant and refined. The most widespread shapes and styles include wayfarer, rectangular, round, square, oval, cat eye, oversize sunglasses. All trendy features can be found in different collections of Prada. Prada presents fantastic “Portrait Sunglasses” with mosaic contrasting browline. “Dixie sunglasses” remind of retro style. Minimal baroque presents exquisite curves either on temples or on front. They can include contrasting elements that contribute to sophisticated look. Step into the future with “Illusion Sunglasses” that include one front piece that is hardly divided. It looks superb as if you’ve arrived to the next century. If this statement is too bold for you, you can select “Folding in Love” sunglasses, which feature the ability to fold.

Tom Ford never disappoints. Vintage inspired frames from Tom Ford can be proud of flawless design and expensive material. Minimalist luxury of this brand speaks about your sense of style. Tom Fold sunglasses combine comfort and fashion. You will like its refined lightweight silhouettes. The elegance of the models is in luxurious details that make Tom Ford sunglasses stand out.

Top 10 Beach Style Ideas

Let’s take a break from business style and focus on getting ready for holidays. French or Italian Rivera, Caribbean or Hawaii, it doesn’t matter what luxury beach destination you are heading this summer. I am sure you will look fabulous in new bikini. However, if you want to stand out and show off eye catching trends, get ready for the beach holiday with my top 10 beach style ideas.

74632924 (1)1. Unique Shape Bikini
Bikini is the most important piece in the suitcase while packing for the beach holiday. And it’s better if you have a few stunning pieces to rock the beach. Many designers today celebrate modern women through unusual swimwear forms, and shapes. Experimenting with unique bikini shapes could add to the style a bit of boldness and chic at the same time. Try Chloe bikini and braces style, slick, unusual and fashion forward statement.

dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-women-fashion-show-runway-14-zoom2. Floral Tunics
Make a statement in unique floral tunic. Dolce Gabbana spring summer 2014 has amazing floral tunics that will add a bit of sizzle and spark to your image. Many designers turned to floral prints this season, so make sure you have a piece in your wardrobe.

962685-13. Bright Colours
Expressing your style through bright colours such as neon, fuchsia, or yellow has become a popular trend. I say yes, to bright colours because they are considered inspiring and suggesting strong and confident personality. So, make sure you pack a few bright frocks for the beach and for the night of clubbling. Ralf Lauren has amazing green and turquoise colours this season.

showbox4. Accessories
I am a big believer in accessories. My absolute essentials for the beach are statement earrings, bracelets and bold pendants. These pieces can change the look immediately. You can wear a simple bikini but the right accessory will make you look like a goddess. My suggestions, try Bamboo Collection by Gucci made with silver and gold.

dd97e387-16ba-471a-b534-8e735e54c2be5. Transparent beach bag
In my view, beach bag has to be practical and chic at the same time. It has to be big enough and fit all the cosmetics, books, iPads and change of clothing. That’s why I adore Louis Vuitton totes. Clear plastic beach tote is a perfect choice for a beach; the bag will not be ruined by sand and sunrays and you will look absolutely sexy with this timeless piece.

dolce-and-gabbana-eyewear-ss-2014-almond-flowers-collection-swide-256x3006. Sexy Shades
All trendy features can be found in different collections of Prada sunglasses. Prada presents fantastic “Portrait Sunglasses” with mosaic contrasting browline. “Dixie sunglasses” remind of retro style. Minimal baroque presents exquisite curves either on temples or on front. They can include contrasting elements that contribute to sophisticated look.

133pandorapat_keylime_anglepair7. Wedges
Jimmy Choo wedges made from premium cork have changed my mind about wedges forever. Sexy, elegant, easy to wear on the beach and on the street, these chic shoes are perfect addition to stunning beach look. One of my favourite lines is called Pandora.

8. Smart phone
Smart phone is must have gadget on the beach. You have to have your iPhone with you to take pictures, so you can post it on social media to make your friends jealous.

9. Classic Book
Who said that books are not a beach accessory? Make an impression with a classic novel by Dostoevsky or Hemingway.

emilio-pucci-small-hat-with-isfahan-print-product-1-2985909-513908839_large_flex10. Panama Hat
One of my favourite hats this season is Emilio Pucci exclusive braided raffia floppy hat. You can find one in a bright turquoise with fine silk hat band in signature pattern print.

The Top 10 Summer Trends for Men

Looking at the men on the streets you can point out the following: double breasted blazer has returned, neon trainers are in fashion, while men’s bags are becoming chic rather then sporty. Let’s take a closer look at the runaway and summer style. My take on Top 10 trends for men this year:

  1. Slim slacks are in fashion again. Bulky layers on top will contrast slim slacks that are cropped around the ankle.
  2. Blooming flowers on men’s attire. The basic popular motif this spring is tropical floral. Spring flowers were on runways in Milan and Paris. Mensware is entirely in bloom, so we are going to see many floral prints on men this spring and summer. Flowers on different items of wardrobe can be found in the collections of Dries van Noten, Prada, Saint Laurent, Raf Simons, Ann Demeulmeester, Gucci, Kolor, Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, Ami and Marc Jacobs. In this way, this can be called a dominant trend.
  3. Loose tailoring. It is time to refuse from stiff tailoring because soft power comes instead. It is reflected in soft fabric and fluid lines of tailoring. The jacket become longer and the pants – looser.
  4. Updated casual look of 1950-s. As for the fashion trends they remind the trends of the 1940-50es. Some features were borrowed from those times such as spread collar and high waist. The casual wear of the fifties returns back. The attires were, certainly renewed and updated. Some called the style mid-century modern. So if you want to know more about it, you should just delve into history and explore the way people dressed seven decades ago. The influence of the 40-s on collection was huge.
  5. Inspired by sport. Sport look is always close to the men’s runways. However, it is not just close this season. It returned onto the runways and became the fashion trend. We can observe bike chic in the ready-to-wear collections. Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy is one of fans of streetwear and he was inspired by skating and surfing this season.
  6. The style of dandy man. Some consider that this style is romantic, while the others call it dandy or elegant. If the man wants to be modern, it is time to wear an evening scarf and a full suit.
  7. Navy blue is a color number one. As for the color of the season, blue takes the lead. Look at the runways and you will see blue everywhere. Armani, Calvin Klein and others go even further and meditate on the subject using the gradient of blue tones in their collections.
  8. Bermuda shorts for fashion-minded men. Beach style seems to rule this season. Great number of Bermuda shorts flooded the runways of London, Milan and Paris. To name a few, Bermuda shorts entered the collections of Comme des Garçons, Jil Sander and Alexander McQueen. Now let us wait and look at the reaction of men. What look will they prefer? Fashion-minded men may go into extremes this season.
  9. Tunic in men’s collection. The tunic appeared on the runway from time to time therefore it is not surprising to see it on the runway again. However, in comparison with previous times, tunic is offered in different styles. You can find tunics in Raf Simons collection, where the style of nineties is presented, and tunic looks like an oversized tee. Christophe Lemaire’s presents another style of tunic that looks like Asian kurta.
  10. Soft bag is added to men’s wardrobe. Describing the top men’s fashion trends this season, we should not forget about accessories as well. Men of fashion know how bags are important for general look. In accordance with forecasts soft bag is going to be the most demanded accessory. Soft bag is not solely a women’s item. It was added to men’s wardrobe this season.