How to wear White in the Business World

alina-whiteChoosing a colour for your business, marketing campaign or business style is one of the most important considerations when you are trying to establish your business profile. You can use colour psychology to empower yourself, and communicate certain messages to your colleagues or business partners. Recently the concept of color psychology has become a key topic in interior design, business marketing, art and other areas such as fashion. Color can dramatically promote perceptions, create stereotypes, affect feelings, and even emotions. Understanding and using properly color psychology in business style could become a powerful communication tool and can be used to attract action, influence mood, and affect decisions.

White color in business style has a modern appeal. White colour can be described as cleansing, protection and encouragement. It offers peace, comfort, purifying of thoughts, it also symbolizes new beginnings and a new life. In general white represents innocence, youth and purity and could be associated with magic and celebrations. No wonder, why in many cultures women get married in a white dress. On one side, its bright and represents equality, simplicity but on another it could be associated with cold and sterile rooms and that could create the impression of coldness and detachment. That’s why too much white can cause feelings of isolation and emptiness. If you are wearing too much white in a corporate setting it can come across too pristine and immaculate. So, when you are wearing white in a business world, it definitely creates clean and sleek look, it’s chic and has an elegant touch to it. If you mix white outfit with brown or grey colors it would add a softer appeal to the look. If you add bright colors like red or green it would make your style posh and extravagant. There are a few risks associated with wearing too much white. Because white colour is often associated with doctors, and therefore with cleanness and efficiency, there is a risk that in the office people may feel that you don’t relate to them on personal and emotional level. Monochrome outfit in white is known to reduce stimulation and cause boredom. So, make sure you mix your white with a few other shades.

Incorporating Fashion Trends into your Business Look

Today, women can express their personality through palettes of colors, shapes and wide range of accessories. So, what’s the best way to incorporate spring summer trends into your business style? Below are my Top 5 Business Style ideas for this season.

Bright Colours.
Expressing your style through bright colours such as red, pink or yellow has become a popular trend. Colour has a powerful subconscious effect, therefore, if you have knowledge of colour meanings in business you will automatically get a powerful tool to get the best response to your marketing and promotional efforts and you will be able to develop a successful business style. I say yes, to bright colours such as orange, red, neon green, yellow and pink because they are considered inspiring and suggesting strong and confident personality.

I am in love with the Fendi collection.


Unique Shapes
Many designers today celebrate modern women through unusual dress cuts, forms, shapes and asymmetric lengths. Experimenting with unique shapes could add to the style a bit of boldness and chic at the same time. Plus these unusual forms could compliments women’s figure in various ways buy bring the focus to the design rather then to some imperfections. My absolute favourite designers for creative shapes are Roland Mouret, Rodarte, Roksanda Ilincic and Lanvin. I would describe these brands’ womenswear as elegant, classy but with a pinch of masculinity, and perfect balance of power.

I think Roland Mouret’s asymmetric length adds a fresh twist to summer chic style.


I am a big believer in accessories. My absolute essentials are belts and scarves. These two pieces can change the look immediately. Belts are necessity because you can quickly dress up a simple dress and create a stunning look. And what is amazing about the scarves, it’s more than one way to wear them! I also see more men experimenting with scarves, bracelets and rings. Women tend to use more earrings and pendant, but rings are definitely becoming a popular trend.

Dress up this summer with Missoni belt


It’s difficult to imagine women a decade ago in bright standing out prints. Grey, beige and other pastel colours prevailed in the corporate world. However, today, you can express yourself through bright patterns like Emilio Pucci or eye-catching floral prints that will make a woman look feminine and glamorous at the same time.

I admire the new Emilio Pucci spring summer camapigne with Gisele Bündchen.


Statement handbags
Handbag can tell a lot about your personality, it’s almost like a mirror to your soul. I think handbag is one of the most important elements of the business style. So, if you want to stand out try briefcases by Tom Ford. Massive gold zipper creates an edgy and masculine look. For a more classic look try Berluti, Hermes or Prada.

Rock your office outfit with bright pink Birkin bag.


Alina’s Take on Wearing a Scarf

scarf1bI am a huge fan of the scarves as I believe it’s not just an accessory, it’s a necessity and major part of the wardrobe if you want to spice up your look and create different images. Scarves are necessity because you can quickly cover up or dress up in a wide variety of beautiful patterns and fabrics. What is amazing about the scarves, it’s more than one way to wear them!

I am delighted to share with you my favourite options for how to rock a scarf in a business world. Is it possible to cover your hair with a scarf in the office? There are many ways how you can wear a scarf around your neck or waist; you can even make a dress out of a scarf. However, I haven’t seen much info about how to wear the scarf properly on your head, therefore, I’m happy to suggest a few ideas. I say yes to wearing a scarf to cover or accessorise your hair. I probably would not wear a turban to a meeting if you are working in banking or consulting community, however, it’s appropriate to cover up your hair in a classic way by tying a scarf around your neck or simply draping it around the shoulder. I think a scarf really helps to create a fresh, different and edgy look. Therefore, I invest in scarves! Below are my Top 5 ways how to wear a scarf on your head.

scarf1aHow to rock a square silky scarf? My number one favourite way is to cover your hair by tying it under the chin. I call it Jacky Kennedy style. You can wear this option with a dress, a suite and you would look professional but elegant and feminine at the same time. Wear it with a pair of big shades or aviator style sunglasses to add a bit off glamour.

scarf2I love turban style because it’s so 60s, so chic, retro and so Elizabeth Taylor. Turban would add an edgy and provocative look to your business suite or an office dress. So I would try this look on Friday, especially if you have plans to go out after work.

scarf3You can also try the look by tying the scarf behind your head or wearing a in a bandana style. This way you create a bit of a casual look and it works great in a summer.


In a winter, draping a shawl around your head and shoulders would soften your business style and make you look stunning.

scarf5bStand out by twisting a scarf around your head; try to tie a knot on the side or in the middle. This eye catching style will turn heads around.

Below are a couple ideas from other fashion blogs on how to wear a scarf. You can also get more ideas from fashion houses like Hermes. When you buy Hermes scarf it comes with knotting cards that show you how to wear it.

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