Business Style Code by Roksanda Ilincic

RoksandaLondon based designer Roksanda Ilincic is known for her love towards construction, intense colours combination and provocative shapes. Roksanda studied architecture in her home town Belgrade, she also graduated from Saint Martins with Master’s degree in creating womenswear. She quickly gained success in London for her sense of progressive vision, unique palette of colours and combination of fabrics. Many fashion experts regard her style as ‘modern coolness’ and ‘beautifully crafted demi-couture’.

Roksanda1I fell in love with Roksanda Ilincic dresses because she believes in gloss and glamour as antidote of tough moments, stress and career challenges. According to fashion bloggers, ‘her attitude that if you are going to get up and get dressed every morning, you might as well embrace something energizing and different and stand out from the crowd‘. She is not afraid to celebrate feminity and think outside the box at the same time. She uses paintbox colors, artisanal effects and quirky embellishments.

Roksanda2Vogue recently gave Roksanda a big praise. This is what Sarah Mowere thinks of the designer: ‘To understand something about Roksanda Ilincic’s elegant worldview she is not about grunge you have to imagine the beautifully serene expanse of the light-filled office and showroom she and her team occupy in London’s East End’. Vogue recognizes that Ilincic’s ‘clothes translate across nations or at least for many of the diplomatic classes (international first ladies included) who search for a their-generation solution to the uptight nightmare of finding proper yet unfrumpy dressing’.

I am a fan!